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East County Thursday, Sep. 20, 2012 5 years ago

Community Golf Scores

by: Jen Blanco Sports Editor

Lakewood Ranch
Rob Jordan, Roger Osterling, Bob Mollicone and Gerald Wingrove shot 58 to win the Lakewood Ranch Three-ball Men’s event Sept. 1 on Cypress Links.

Dennis Aster, Ted Wolfe, John DiGirolano and Bill Jones scored 121 to win the two best balls of four net Men’s event Sept. 5 on Cypress Links.

Karla Reens, Tracey-Lee Windgrove, Marilyn Popp and Linda Vedane scored 107 to win the 2-1-2 on 6-6-6 Ladies event Sept. 11 on King’s Dunes.

+ Palm-Aire
Olga Tefft and Ann Marie Henry shot 67 to win Flight 1 of the WGA two-person scramble event Sept. 18. Nancy Kovalchik ad Nancy Hunt shot 64 to win Flight 2.

Frank Darling, Ray Crucet, Porfirio Arias and Marv Rosenstein finished -1.75 to win the scramble MGA event Sept. 19.

Mark Kail, Rick Hughes, Philip Weihrauch and James Weber finished -23 to win the three best balls odd, two best balls even MGA event Sept. 19.

Barbara Robinson, Marge Jones and Mary Wood finished +5 to win the niner in the box event Sept. 20.

Linda Jones and Jane Dain both shot 65 to tie for first place in Flight 1 of the better ball of two event Sept. 6. Diane Weissenberg shot 66 to win Flight 2.

Dee Donegan shot 78 to win first place in the gross portion of Flight 1 of the individual gross, individual net low gross, low net event Sept. 13. Joyce Matthews shot 71 to win the net portion of Flight 1. Barb Sodini shot 100 to win the gross portion of Flight 2. Diane Weissenberg shot 71 to win the net portion of Flight 2.

John and Melanie Mihocik and Don and Allison Lewis scored 55.8 to win Flight 1 of the Step-A-Side scramble Labor Day event Sept. 3. Cindy Ferguson, Donna Bowdoin and Jason and Shawn Staph scored 56.5 to win Flight 2. A.C. and Mickey Boughton and Herb and Joyce Furman scored 57.5 to win Flight 3.

University Park
Bernie Needell, Joe Brazzamano, Al Cianfarani and Tony Pugliese scored 124 to win the two best balls of four MGA event Sept. 12.

Elaine Kulbako, Sue Cianfarani, Susie Melum and Jean Blazey shot 59 to win the one best ball of four LGA event Sept. 18.

Harry See, John Haddock, Jim Nellis and Joe Brazzamano shot 84 to win the 1-2-1 on 6-6-6 MGA event Sept. 19.

Lynne Marlow, Lila Cooper, Alynna Fricke and Barb Inbody scored 26 to win the one best ball of four nine-hole LGA event Sept. 20.

Ken and Janis Bumgarner shot 61 to win the two-person scramble event Sept. 3.


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