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Longboat Key Monday, Jul. 12, 2010 7 years ago

Commission unhappy with oil-spill plan

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

Frustrated with a $16,000 local oil-spill response plan that the commission believes does nothing to protect oil that could get onto shore from Sarasota Bay, the Town Commission plans to hold its beach engineer accountable for it.

Coastal Planning & Engineering presented a plan that draws lines on the east of Longboat Key only at crucial passes, causing Mayor George Spoll to note there are several critical areas where oil could come ashore, including near his home in Bay Isles.

Said Spoll: “To me it’s evident they have no familiarity of the circumstances on the ground. There are gaps all along the island. I wouldn’t pay them one dime for this until they explain themselves.”

Town Manager Bruce St. Denis received permission to present the portion of the plan to the U.S. Coast Guard that involves protecting Longboat Pass and New Pass.

In the meantime, St. Denis will work with CP&E to address the commission’s concerns and possibly revise its plans before full payment is made for the response plan.

The commission also established a maximum millage rate of 1.9036 mills at its meeting and agreed to postpone a decision on the Bay Isles Road wayfinding sign until September.

Also at its meeting, the Longboat Key Town Commission:

• An ordinance that will change all future regular workshops from 2 p.m. to 1 p.m.

• An ordinance that reduces town water and wastewater rates for the second year in a row.

• A resolution that allows the town to remain eligible for state grants for its beach-wide renourishment project.

• A resolution that allows the town to substitute a lift station rehabilitation project in the current fiscal year for a different lift station project that’s been deemed a higher priority by the Public Works Department.

• Passing a resolution that develops a mission statement prepared by the subcommittee established to review and examine town operations.

• Commissioners David Brenner, Lynn Larson and Phillip Younger to its subcommittee established to review and examine town operations.

• An open space and golf agreement in place with the Longboat Key Club and Resort, which will allow guests of a proposed new hotel at Islandside to play golf on the Islandside golf course.

• A request by the Sarasota County Economic Development Committee, which is asking support for an initiative to provide an ad valorem tax exemption program for new businesses and expanding businesses within Sarasota County.

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