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Peyton Wells
Sarasota Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010 7 years ago


by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

Out-of-Door Academy first-graders performed an experiment with underwater volcanoes today in Lisa Cheney’s marine science room. As the students poured cups of vinegar into a volcano made out of Play-Doh, it united with the baking soda, causing the mixture to foam at the top and erupt over the sides like lava. Following the experiment, The Sarasota Observer asked the students for the scoop on underwater volcanoes.

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Peyton Wells
What are you doing today?
You have to get a cup, Play-Dough, seawater and vinegar and then make your underwater volcano.

What did you do with the volcano?
We mixed everything together and it exploded! It was really cool.

Do you know anything else about volcanoes?
Sometimes volcanoes are in the sea. We watched a movie about volcanoes. It was a scary movie!

Ryan Sforzo
Tell me about your volcano experiment.
We’re learning about the sea and underwater volcanoes. That’s why we had those blue plates underneath — they’re supposed to be water.

What’s your favorite thing about volcanoes?
They erupt, and it’s really awesome when the lava comes out.

Do you know why they erupt?
There is so much pressure that it blows.

McKenzie Baird
What do you know about volcanoes?
There’s some in the water and sometimes they explode and erupt. Then the hot lava comes out and it scares me.

Would you like to see a real volcano?
No way!

Do you prefer underwater volcanoes or those on land?

What was your favorite part of the experiment?
When the volcano exploded! So cool!

Ashley Jabari
Do you like volcanoes?
Yes, they’re really, really hot, and the lava shoots up in the air really, really high!

Would you like to see a real volcano?
Only from far away — and I’d take a picture.

How did you earn your “Queen Ashley” hat?
You can get one if you are good, nice or quiet.

Marissa Govic
If you were a volcano, would you rather be an underwater volcano or a land volcano?
Underwater, because it turns into land when the lava settles.

What color was your Play-Doh underwater volcano?
Bright orange.

Do you want to see a real volcano?
Yes, because I want to see what a real volcano would do!

Mateo Giacinti
What did you learn about volcanoes?
They erupt, they’re hot — a thousand degrees hot. Smoke comes out, and crabs eat the ash on the lava.

If you were a volcano, would you rather be an underwater volcano or a land volcano?
Underwater, because anything that comes near me would melt. Nothing would know how hot it really is.

How did you like your marine science experiment?
I liked how the stuff came out — it was cool.

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Mateo Giacinti gives The Sarasota Observer a lesson on volcanoes.

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