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Sarasota Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011 7 years ago

City meetings available as mobile downloads

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

The city of Sarasota’s Office of the City Auditor and Clerk is now offering meetings as MP3 (audio) and MP4 (video) downloads. This expansion makes it possible for remote users to access meeting and city programming archives and allows users of mobile products such as the iPhone, Android, and various tablets, to view the meetings as well.

"The city has offered live streaming and archived video for the past five years, but we are constantly looking for ways to enhance customer service for greater citizen engagement and transparency," said Pamela Nadalini, city auditor and clerk, in a news release. "This new technology dramatically improves our streaming media capabilities, making citizen participation in the policy-making process much easier.”

To access these features, go to and click the Live/Archived Video icon on the lower right hand corner and select either the audio or video link.

Also included in the service expansion is the ability for regular personal computer-based viewers to share videos over popular social networking sites, as well as copy and embed portions of a meeting, or an entire video, through the player itself.

For more information, contact Nadalini at 954-4160.

Contact Kurt Schultheis at [email protected].

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