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The Information Technology Department leveraged a computer agreement to offset costs with other third party providers.
Sarasota Wednesday, Mar. 21, 2012 5 years ago

City approves computer licensing agreement

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

The Sarasota City Commission unanimously approved a three-year licensing renewal agreement with Microsoft at its Monday regular meeting. The agreement is expected to save the city of Sarasota an estimated $50,000 a year based on improved efficiencies and consolidation of services.

The Information Technology Department leveraged the agreement to offset costs with other third party providers. The anticipated savings include:
• Anti-virus and anti-spam filtration - $20,000

• Migration of server management framework - $15,000

• Migration of internal ‘Help Desk’ software - $6,000

• Migration of web filter - $10,000

The contract also provides software assurance and licensing for 175 servers and 620 workstations throughout the city, including the Sarasota Police Department. It helps to ensure the city is in compliance with required software licensing. In addition, the agreement provides for continued maintenance, upgrades and system support.

The three-year agreement is in the amount of $175,000 per year. With anticipated savings, the financial investment is expected to be reduced to $125,000 per year. The contract runs through 2014.

For more information contact William Culver, Information and Communications Technology Manager at 365-2000, ext. 4279.


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