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Deacon David Bumstead calls Sarasota "a very generous and compassionate community.”
Sarasota Friday, Aug. 9, 2013 4 years ago

Church of the Redeemer welcomes new deacon


In June, the Church of the Redeemer welcomed a new deacon.

David Bumsted, 31, will head the youth ministry department at the Episcopal church.
Bumstead started his seminary education in 2007, at Asbury Theological Seminary, in Orlando.

In 2009 he and his wife, Beka, moved to Orlando where he worked as a case manager for homeless teens at Orlando’s Covenant House.

“I learned about generosity and about evil; and I learned what we can do to each other without even trying,” Bumsted says. “I learned the needless potential of young people. They can go through such terrible things but will surprise you by bouncing back. This was the most encouraging thing.“

Bumsted’s said his experience working with homeless youth made him more compassionate and he learned that working in the church requires patience.

After he chose an Episcolpal focus, Bumsted finished seminary at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, in Wisconsin. He graduated in May and was ordained to the Diaconate in June. In December, he will be ordained to the priesthood.

Bumsted started at Church of the Redeemer says outgoing Youth Minister Chris Wood left him with a solid foundation for youth programs.

Bumsted says he is getting to know his community now and hopes to grow the youth ministry.
“I want to help foster good relationships between youth and the overall community,” Bumsted says.

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