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East County Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2009 8 years ago

CDD boards reexamine IDA

by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

Lakewood Ranch Community Development District supervisors will reevaluate the role of the Inter-district Authority, the board that makes joint decisions for the community’s four individual CDD districts.

During a strategy meeting Dec. 3, supervisors said they were unsure of the IDA’s power in regard to its relationship with individual CDDs and whether the governing body is being utilized fully.

Board members are planning a meeting in January to discuss the IDA and what potential changes they may desire for it.

“We’re honing in on the problems,” CDD 4 Supervisor Michael Spring said. “We have a structure. The question is: Do we have the right structure?”

Additionally, supervisors hope to get feedback from IDA members about how well the IDA is working as well as whether a quarterly meeting of all district supervisors would benefit the IDA’s decision-making abilities.

“It’s not because the system has been flawed,” CDD 2 Supervisor Bob Stepleman said. “It’s Lakewood Ranch has evolved quite a bit since (it was developed). It’s time to take a look and see if (we’re still doing it right.”

Lakewood Ranch supervisors will hold their next regular meeting Dec. 17 at Lakewood Ranch Town Hall.

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