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Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 13, 2009 11 years ago


by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

Shelley Stone is a self-proclaimed “big kid who hasn’t grown up yet.”

Out-Of-Door Academy’s director of wellness is the one in whom students confide, whether they’re seeking advice on laundry, nutrition, sunscreen, food plans or the “freshman 15.”

“I’ve had some of the kids since pre-K,” Stone says. “They know my door is always open. Sometimes, they come in to chat about problems; sometimes they just come in to chat. You name it, we’ve talked about it.”

Stone teaches a variety of topics for each grade level. She helps seniors make a smooth college transition by answering questions on finances, roommate issues and the infamous “freshman 15.” All students are learning to make good choices.

“We’re looking at the whole child physically, mentally and developmentally,” Stone said. “The majority of kids here are not drinking, smoking or using drugs. It’s about what choice you make and how it’s going to affect you.”

One choice Stone has made is to exercise religiously — golfing, kayaking and biking. Her personal role model is Lance Armstrong.

“I’ve been following him for about 10 years — since he won his first tour,” Stone said. “It’s amazing what he did after cancer … to finish third after taking two-and-a-half years off. That’s incredible, and he does it all drug-free.”

Given a few more hours in the day, Stone would happily add more paddling and peddling to the mix. She’d also spend additional time fishing and riding her scooter — with a helmet, of course.

“The more active you can stay, the more it will serve you well,” Stone said. “If there’s one thing I could wish for every kid, it would be to never pick up a cigarette.”

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