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Longboat Key Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013 4 years ago

Candidates tell voters where they stand on issues

by: Kurt Schultheis Senior Editor

Wage increases for employees
Jim Brown — For it; if the town manager recommends it and money exists come budget season
Larry Grossman — For cost-of-living increases; “but not necessarily an across the board merit increase.”
Terry Gans — For it; if money exists come budget season
Irwin Pastor — For it; if money exists come budget season
Phill Younger — For it; if money exists come budget season
Gene Jaleski — For it; if money exists come budget season

Dogs on the beach
Jim Brown — Against; doesn’t think it would be problematic but isn’t willing to divide the community concerning it.
Larry Grossman — Against; has concerns about the impacts on sea turtles and birds.
Terry Gans — Against; doesn’t believe it’s something the Key needs right now.
Irwin Pastor — Against; worries about whether people would pick up after their dogs and also about wildlife impacts.
Phill Younger — Against; believes the majority of citizens doesn’t want dogs on their beaches.
Gene Jaleski — Against; has concerns about turtles and birds but supports looking into park property for a dog site.

Community Center
Jim Brown — For it; previously chaired a community center advisory committee and believes that most people want a community center that voters must approve.
Larry Grossman — For it; but only if the community approves it.
Terry Gans — For it; as long as voters agree it serves population and plan for financing it doesn’t burden the taxpayers.
Irwin Pastor — For it; as long as it’s approved by voters and a fiscal plan for it justifies the cost. It also must be self-sustaining.
Phill Younger — Wants voters to decide on the issue and supports it if funds from sources other than taxpayers are found.
Gene Jaleski — Suggests the town try out a community center at the old Mattison’s and build a community center that’s self-sustaining if voters approve one.

Would you approve another Colony Beach & Tennis Resort rebuild extension deadline?
Jim Brown — Strongly considering whether it’s in the best interest of Key residents to not continue the extension.
Larry Grossman — No; the town needs to focus on redeveloping the site through Comp Plan amendments and new zoning regulations with public input.
Terry Gans — Not unless there were a real and imminent prospect of a solution of the disputes between the parties.
Irwin Pastor — More background information is needed before he will commit to a decision.
Phill Younger — Prefers to let situation play out in the courts; “diminishing or destroying property rights would result in a myriad of town lawsuits.”
Gene Jaleski — No; the Colony is a non-conforming entity that needs to be resurrected, and recreating the 1960s ambience of beach cabins is no longer the best use for the property.

If a cellular tower is deemed the only way to improve cellular communication on the Key, would you approve the tower?
Jim Brown — Yes; but only as a last resort.
Larry Grossman — Absolutely not.
Terry Gans — Yes; within the confines of how this question is worded, but does not think proposed chapel site is desirable.
Irwin Pastor — No; not unless neighbors who have to look at it agree to it.
Phill Younger — “The question is moot because other solutions to improve communications exist, and a tower doesn’t solve the entire island’s communication problems.”
Gene Jaleski — No; there is no way to make a case for anything other than newer technologies.

Does the town need improved cellular communication?
Jim Brown — Yes; needs improvement, especially for safety reasons.
Larry Grossman — Yes; a connectivity study paid for by taxpayers proves the need for increased cellular communications.
Terry Gans — Yes; “it’s what visitors expect and it’s needed for emergency services.”
Irwin Pastor — Yes
Phill Younger — Yes; the town is addressing the issue.
Gene Jaleski — Yes; especially Wi-Fi for residents and travelers Key-wide.

Biggest Issue
What’s the biggest issue facing the town in the next year?
Jim Brown — Code and Comprehensive Plan changes
Larry Grossman — Code and Comprehensive Plan changes
Terry Gans — Code and Comprehensive Plan changes
Irwin Pastor — Good governance to help undertake the code and Comprehensive Plan changes
Phill Younger — Code and Comprehensive Plan changes
Gene Jaleski — The current Longboat Key Town Commission; “The town needs new people with new ideas.”

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