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Camp counselor Alison Krizen helps camper Sarah Windom, 10, balance on the globes.
Sarasota Wednesday, Jul. 3, 2013 4 years ago

Camp Spotlight: CIRCUS SARASOTA Camp


Campers learned circus tricks on a triple trapeze, ladder, globes, tumbling, hammock and the web June 10 to June 26, at Circus Sarasota Circus Camp.

The camp held three sessions for children ages 6 to 15. Campers attended a one-week camp, a two-week camp and a three-day mini camp.

At the end of the one-week and two-week camps children showcased what they learned in a mini circus performance for family and friends.

By the Numbers

about 300 campers

nine counselor staff

2 rotating managers

ten junior counselors

In a one-week camp, Campers train 12 hours before their perfomance

Camper Spotlight
Katie Rizenour
12 years old
Where are we today?
We are Circus Sarasota Circus Camp. It’s a summer camp for kids where we get to learn new things.

What have you learned at camp?
I have learned how to do the duo trap, where we hold people with two people, and sometimes there are two people holding one person on the same trapeze.

Why do you want to continue with acrobatics in the future?
I just love learning new things abut the circus, because how they did it always looks really easy, but it’s really not.

What was the most challenging part?
The challenging part was deciding which act I wanted to do.

How has your flexibility gotten since being here?
It’s gotten pretty good because we stretch every morning.

What would you tell your friends about this camp?
It was really fun, because I love just watching the circus. Everyone loves watching the circus, and (it’s fun) to get to be a part of it. I have learned it’s really fun. I want to go to Sarasota High because then I could do the circus in high school.

What does it take to put on a circus act?
It’s very different for each act. You have to learn different skills for different acts.

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