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Sarasota Wednesday, Jul. 28, 2010 7 years ago

Camp spotlight: Art Center Sarasota

by: Stephanie Hannum Managing Editor

The Sarasota Observer dropped in on a busy day at Art Center Sarasota’s summer art camps Thursday, July 22. The group of children ages 6 to 11 was focusing on "Travel Around the World" and were experimenting with Asian art and basic brush strokes, while the teens focused on "Figures in a Wild Culture."  

Question: What is your favorite art medium?

MacKenzie Nerenhausen, 13
“I like making spirit dolls — they are fun and interesting to make.”

Rachel Ross, 12
“I like to draw and mostly animate. I never noticed anime until a couple of years ago and now I really like it. I like how anime is proportional and I like the culture of anime and Japanese art.”

Miranda Londono, 14
“I like to paint abstracts on canvas — I like to use lots of color and different techniques. I also like shadowing, too, because it teaches value.”

Gianluca Demasi, 7
“I like painting with ink because it’s cool. You can do lots of different types of pictures with it and I find it interesting.”

Julia Demasi, 7
“I always wanted to do Asian art because it’s a cool culture.”

Ethan Halbreich, 6
“I like Asian art because with Asian art you get to paint with ink. I also like clay art, too, because you can make pinch pots.”

Abby Odierna, 9
“My first favorite is when we did Mexico-themed art, because I liked using newspaper and painting glue on top — messy art is fun.”

Ryan Walker, 7
“I like 3D art, because it’s pretty and it pops out to you.”

Nola Timmins, 8
“I like to draw with markers.”

Alexa Van Such, 7

“Ink painting, because I have never painted with ink before. I love China, so I’m happy to finally get to paint with Chinese ink.”


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