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The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort closed in August 2010.
Longboat Key Tuesday, Apr. 9, 2013 4 years ago

Burglary reported at Colony

by: Robin Hartill Managing Editor

Police discovered signs of burglary in three units at the shuttered Colony Beach & Tennis Resort during routine patrol.

At approximately 9:14 a.m., Longboat Key Police Officer Chris Skinner found an air-conditioning unit running in a building, despite the fact that the property is vacant. The glass case for the fire extinguisher nearby the unit was broken, and the extinguisher was missing.

Police found a broken wine glass and large knife with a black handle lying on the unit’s living room floor. The TV was on, but the screen was static. The thermostat cover was lying on the floor near the entrance. Police also discovered a broken water glass on the interior staircase and a small knife with a black handle on the upstairs landing.

Police called the property’s manager, Larry Stritzel, who found similar damage in two other units. Each unit has separate owners. Police processed the scene for evidence.

The incidents occurred shortly after two reported cases of vandalism on the property.

Police discovered Wednesday, April 3, that an unknown person threw rocks into the high-rise building, damaging a window and door.

On March 30, Stritzel found that a rock had shattered the sliding-glass door of the guardhouse. A wooden light pole was ripped out, and two other light poles were damaged. Doors to at least two units had been kicked in, and one window was broken.

Nothing was stolen from the units.

Since last year, police have provided extra patrol of the Colony because of incidents involving trespassing and vandalism.

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