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Sarasota Thursday, Jul. 30, 2009 8 years ago

Burglars strike Central Avenue businesses again

by: Robin Roy City Editor

Burglars have once again struck Central Avenue.

“We’ve been here six years, and this is the worst year yet,” said Kelly Kary, owner of Sarasota Olive Oil Co.

Her business was burglarized July 11. It was the fourth time since October that it’s been hit.

“My first thought was, ‘not again,’” Kary said.

In the most recent incident, someone used a rock to smash the glass door, and then they took the entire cash register, which contained $250.

“It’s aggravating, because I have to think, ‘What do I have to do get my businesses up and running?” Kary said.

Previous incidents resulted in the theft of a food-delivery cooler, three large planters with trees inside them and more cash.

Six days after the July 11 burglary, Derek’s Culinary Casual restaurant, which is two doors down from Sarasota Olive Oil Co., was burglarized in a similar manner: Someone broke the glass door with a brick, but owner Derek Barnes said nothing was stolen.

Sarasota police believe the same person may be responsible.

“They happened a few days apart from each other. They’re located near each other, and they both involve a rock or brick,” said Capt. Paul Sutton. “We have to believe they’re related.”

Even with those two recent crimes, though, Sutton said burglaries are down significantly in the Central Avenue area (see box, front page).

Kary said she feels an increased police presence would help reduce crime even further.

“I’m an advocate for more police,” she said. “When you have an economy like we have, you’re going to see more of this.”


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