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Black Tie and Tales
Black Tie Wednesday, Jan. 17, 2018 3 years ago

A different kind of paradise for German 'Bachelor'

Black Tie & Tales: Kayleigh Omang.
by: Kayleigh Omang Contributor

Sarasota's very own "Der Bachelor"

Born in New Zealand, raised in Berlin and now a Sarasota resident, Daniel Volz has hit German headlines.

Daniel, 32, had no intentions of becoming “The Bachelor,” or rather, “Der Bachelor.” When his best friend in Germany called and told him about the opportunity, Daniel was hesitant.

“At first I laughed at him,” Daniel says. “Then I thought it might not be a bad idea.”

Daniel Volz, "Der Bachelor" 2018. Photo by MG RTL D/ Arya Shirazi

"Der Bachelor," similar to the American show, "The Bachelor, is centered around one man and 22 women. Each week, roses are handed out to women who get to stay, and those who do not receive a rose are eliminated. At the end, one woman gets both the last rose and “Der Bachelor.” Different from the American show, the end of the show does not mean a proposal.

Daniel decided to “throw his hat in the ring,” and move forward with the process. All in all, becoming Der Bachelor was a standard process, says Daniel. The crew conducted interviews, screen tests and visited Sarasota. The rest is to be revealed in the show.

“I never got too hopeful,” Daniel says. “I figured if I’m just myself and they say no, well then I tried. From start to finish I stay true to myself.”

During the filming, Daniel and the remaining ladies traveled to a few different locations, including visiting Sarasota, where Daniel lives downtown with his French Bulldog. The filming has since ended, finishing up late last year. It has now started airing on television in Germany.

“(Being on Der Bachelor was an) experience I’ll never forget,” Daniel says. “I learned a lot about myself and how I react to certain scenarios. It’s been a crazy ride. Lots of ups and downs and sad in some parts. It was a mix of emotions. All in all, it was an experience I won’t ever forget and I’m glad I did it.”

Now that the show is over, has Daniel found love? We’ll have to wait until the eighth season of "Der Bachelor" ends to find out.

“Sarasota will always have a place in my heart,” Daniel says. “Whatever happens I’ll always have it to come back to, whether it be to escape the press in Germany or just have some time to spend on the beach.”


Using art for science

Science meets art in the Roskamp Institute and 530 Burns Gallery’s three-day event, Curing, Caring, and The Arts series.

From Jan. 10-13, the institute brought scientists into 530 Burns to share their knowledge on Alzheimer’s research and overall brain health. Each speaker was then paired with an artist who shares a connection with The Roskamp Institute’s mission.

Dr. Fiona Crawford gives her speech on traumatic brain injury for the Curing, Caring, and The Arts series.

“Alzheimer’s disease is tragically affecting more and more lives — of these affected, their caretakers, and families,” Nikki Sedacca, owner of 530 Burns Gallery said. “Our goal for this series was to spread awareness of the incredible discoveries and work The Roskamp Institute has done to find better treatments and cures for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.”

On Jan. 12, Fiona Crawford gave a PowerPoint speech on traumatic brain injury.

“Everybody at The Roskamp Institute comes to work every day with the goal of trying to alleviate human suffering,” she said. “Our team of elite scientists cover a range of disciplines to tackle complex problems. We offer clinical trials, a full service neurological and memory care clinic, patient study programs and specialized labs. Although we are located in the greater Sarasota-Bradenton area, the work we do has a worldwide impact.”


Birthday celebration turns down memory lane

On Jan. 14, friends of Diane Roskamp hosted a dinner party in honor of her birthday. The party was held at the Sarasota Yacht Club in the club's Neptune Lounge. 

Diane Roskamp celebrates her birthday with friends. Courtesy photo from Rita Greenbaum.

The hostesses, Susan Palmer, Charlie Ann Syprett, Rita Greenbaum, Melissa Furman, Penny Hill and Jennifer Michell, transformed the lounge into a Victorian garden filled with pink and ecru lace. 

For the celebration, Diane was given a scrapbook of photos. Around the fireplace, the ladies gathered to view the photographs while the gentlemen, Ron Greenbaum, Jim Syprett, Rick Furman, Bob Roskamp and Larry Wilde, conversed with their drinks.

The guests danced to the tunes of John Rinell, and later heartfelt tributes and remembrances of Diane Roskamp were met with laughter and tears.

“I feel so blessed and grateful to have you all in my life," Diane says. "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for such generosity, thoughtfulness and pure love. I am spoiled to the bone for sure."



Wedding Bells in Boca Grande ... Charlie Bailey and Crystal Hansen were married Friday, Jan. 12 in Boca Grande. Charlie’s parents are Dan and Nancy Bailey and Crystal's parents are Randy and Teri Hansen. A hop, skip and a jump away … On Jan. 22, Clever Rose is moving across the street. The boutique, owned by Rosemary Angeleri, is having a 50 percent off your entire purchase sale during January. The new store will be located at 532 S. Pineapple Ave. 

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