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Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010 7 years ago

BACK TO SCHOOL 2010: The SGA President: Joie Giannini

by: Stephanie Hannum Managing Editor

As a high school student, it’s great to have the Student Government Association president as your friend and on your side, and Giovanna “Joie” Giannini is no exception. She is someone you want to know, because she gets things done.

Giannini, a senior, comes from a long line of Cardinal Mooney High School alums — some of her classes are taught by some of the same teachers her father had. And, she hopes to leave her footprint on the school she loves before she graduates.

Starting out as the publicity chair of SGA her sophomore year, Giannini took over as president as a junior and has already begun preparing for her second year in office two weeks before school starts.

“Anytime my friends complain about something at school, I think to myself that someone has to change it,” says Giannini. “I’m a people person and will go out of my way to make things right and make people happy, so why not step in and do it myself. I’ve always liked being the person in charge. I like to have everything organized.”

As SGA president, the Sarasota born-and-raised Giannini runs weekly meetings every Monday to plan events such as pep rallies, the freshman mixer and “Mooney Day.” The group is responsible to come up with its own funds. In order to prepare for “Mooney Day,” a carnival-based spirit day, Giannini, along with her team, conducts a small fundraiser every week and then a main fundraiser once a month, such as a dodgeball tournament. They hope to raise $400 a month in order to reach their goal.

“One of the big things I want to do this year is to get school spirit up and get people excited to be here,” says Giannini.

Giannini also loves sports. She attends every Tampa Bay Bucs game; travels around the country for different sporting events; and dreams of being a sports reporter like Erin Andrews. She sees her position as SGA president as a steppingstone to help her prepare for the future.

Giannini’s excitement for life is infectious and unstoppable. Look out Erin Andrews, Joie Giannini is headed for greatness.

The football games — especially during the winter because it’s cold out and we bring our blankets. Sometimes one of the players will have a bonfire after. I just love Christmas time when everyone is loving each other. I love that time of the year.

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