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Arts and Entertainment Monday, Jan. 23, 2012 5 years ago

About Last Night ...

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

About Last Night …

The weekend had a lot in store for Black Tie.

Let’s start with Friday. I visited SPARCC’s Treasure Chest to check out all the fashions to be shown in the 25th annual Second Hand Rose Fashion Show set for Feb. 9, at the Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota. If you’ve been waiting for a reason to buy your ticket, let me show you the shoes they’ve got in stock — or at least had in stock before I took them home with me.

These barely-worn zebra pumps by Dollhouse were supposed to be on sale during the event, but they happened to be half price while I was there and I just couldn’t resist forking over the $12.

Don’t worry, there are plenty more pairs to go around: stilettos, ballet flats, boots, sandals … and if you like hats, definitely check out the lacy little fascinators. Perfect with your favorite party dress.

In other shoe news …
On Saturday, after spending more than an hour at the Starry Night Dinner Series at the home of Chris and Aimee Cogan, I came face-to-stiletto with the most elaborate shoe collection I’ve ever laid my eyes on.

Black Tie’s most recent Guest Fashion Editor, Lauren McComb, referred Aimee Cogan as one of Sarasota’s queens of fashion and a perfect future guest fashion editor. My arms went limp as I stared at her belts, shoes and clothes. Stay tuned, because you’ll likely soon be seeing this fashionista’s fabulous wardrobe in print.

Once I tore myself away from the closet, I ran home to change into an outfit so bright it could have been seen from Mars and then made a beeline to Café Epicure.

The martini bar was practically glowing as about 50 of Sarasota’s young socialites skipped down Palm Avenue in neon headbands, jelly bracelets, tutus, legwarmers, jean jackets, gloves and teased updos for a full-on ’80s party celebrating Annie Thornhill’s 30th birthday.

Unfortunately, the bartenders didn’t get word of the craziness that was about to ensue until five minutes before the group made its grand entrance.

In attendance was the birthday girl, who wore a seriously short “Flashdance” sweatshirt as a dress; Magnum P.I.; the three slick chicks from the “Simply Irresistible” music video; a few leather-clad men a long-haired ’80s male tennis player; and one slightly confused fellow whose mother helped him attach “VIPER” in sequins on the back of his vest. His costume also included size four women’s leather pants, of which he was extremely proud.

As the ’80s party headed to Ivory for what I’m sure was a superb dance-off, Magnum P.I. and I made our way to over to the Shamrock, where local artist Joseph Patrick Arnegger was bartending. And, just by coincidence, he happened to be playing ’80s tunes …

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