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Brothers tussle with a router during fight over gaming

A man frustrated with his brother's constant gaming started a tug-of-war over a router. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. August 9, 2023
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Thursday, July 27

Not all fun and games

11:42 a.m., 2000 block of 21st Street

Dispute: Two brothers in a dispute over finances entered into a tussle over a router. An officer met with the subject who stated he came home from work on break and found his brother, as he usually is, playing video games. He then took the router, which resulted in them attempting to grab it from one another. Both brothers stated they did not put hands on one another. The gaming brother said he had a rush of anxiety over the fight, which is why he called police. The dispute was determined to be only verbal in nature and no further action was taken.

Saturday, July 29

Guests not welcome

1:34 p.m., 2900 block of Palmadelia Avenue

Civil dispute: Complaining that two female tenants who reside above him have visitors who steal from him, a man called police because he believed someone from upstairs stole his vehicle key. The complainant is the owner of the property, and advised he does not want anyone other than the tenants staying at the residence.

The complainant said he planned to call a locksmith to remake his vehicle key and was not concerned about his belongings, but wanted to make sure no one else was staying at his property. The officer made contact with the women, who advised the landlord frequently misplaces his belongings and they do not believe someone would have taken his vehicle key. No further action was taken.

Vehicle vandalism

3:12 p.m., 700 block of North Lime Avenue

Property damage: A rock was thrown through the rear window of a vehicle between the hours of midnight and 5 a.m. The complainant said he had to tape the window in order to make the vehicle usable by his wife. An officer observed the vehicle after it had been taped, noting a large rock was in the rear seat. While canvassing the area, the officer contacted a neighbor who was able to provide footage of the incident from his surveillance cameras, which showed three perpetrators, possibly juveniles.

The footage shows one subject throwing the rock through the rear window before all three fled north on foot on Lime Avenue. A fourth subject is then seen walking briskly by approximately one minute later who appeared to be part of the group. None of the subjects attempted to enter the vehicle. The camera was too far from the incident to provide meaningful details of the subjects, although they appear to be juveniles based on their size. The victim stated the cost to replace the window is $619.

No parties allowed

9:10 a.m., 2300 block of Huntington Place

Noise complaint: An apartment community property manager called police because the pool was closed and a group of subjects refused to leave. Security personnel was on the scene who had asked the subjects to leave, but they refused to comply.  

An officer spoke with several of the subjects and advised they should leave, some replying they had secured permission earlier in the week to hold a party there. The property manager countered that the apartment complex does not permit parties at the pool. All subjects vacated the pool area with no further issues.

Sunday, July 30

Unhappy birthday

6:44 a.m., 1600 block of Pine Tree Lane

Dispute: A woman told police responding to a domestic dispute complaint that she had awakened early to prepare his birthday breakfast, but drinking ensued. She also advised she did not call police and did not wish to make a report. 

The woman, who did not want to provide the officer her personal information, said she is an immigrant from Macedonia and claims several first names and different birthdays. She said at one point during the argument the man pushed her, but she did not know if it was intentional. During the interview she changed her story several times. 

The man said both were up early to celebrate his birthday when the woman began yelling at him for no reason. They argued until law enforcement arrived on the scene. He said at no point did the dispute become physical, and then left the scene without incident.

Monday, July 31

FaceTime fracas

12:49 a.m. 700 block of Benjamin Franklin Drive

Noise dispute: Visitors from Massachusetts were involved in an argument that brought law enforcement to a beachside resort in the early morning hours. An officer met with a woman who said she was engaged in a verbal dispute with her fiancé and her mother via FaceTime. 

An officer arrived on scene and heard the woman screaming. She stated there was no physical altercation, she was not injured and that no crime had occurred. It was suggested they quiet down for the night and that the resort could order them to leave if their disruptive actions occurred.


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