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Heron about town

A blue heron has captured Longboat Key's attention.

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  • | 2:00 p.m. January 7, 2021
Henry the Heron. Courtesy photo.
Henry the Heron. Courtesy photo.
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There's a tall, mysterious fellow who keeps popping up around Longboat Key. He hangs out with the fishermen, sits for a spell on the bay and goes for long walks on the beach. You may have seen him ... Or maybe one of his relatives. 

"Henry the Heron," as he's been dubbed by his fans, has been popping up on Longboat Key throughout 2020. It may or may not be the same bird every time, but watchers have spotted him trying (unsuccessfully) to get a handout from fishermen, assimilating into a family on the beach and reigning over mid-island. If you see a blue heron, chances are it's our guy. 


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