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Stolen scooter in Lakewood Ranch yields lesson in kindness

Lost bracelet returned to owner in Lakewood Ranch.

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  • | 9:32 a.m. July 2, 2020
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On the road again

Six-year-old Greenbrook resident Emma Swinkels left her beloved scooter on the driveway overnight, and awoke July 1 to find it

Emma Swinkels. Courtesy photo.
Emma Swinkels. Courtesy photo.


She rode the scooter everywhere so she decided to post a "lost scooter" sign in her front yard. 

By that evening on July 1, she found a new scooter at their doorstep with an anonymous note telling her to have fun. "We picked you up this scooter so you had one to play with until yours is found," it read.

"Now, she wants to do something for someone else," said her mother, Kate Swinkels. 


Hanging around at the park

Paddi Juliano. Courtesy phtoo.
Paddi Juliano. Courtesy phtoo.

When River Club’s Paddi Juliano lost her silver bracelet at Greenbrook Adventure Park, she thought it wasn't likely she would see it again.

Upon visiting the dog park at Greenbrook Adventure Park June 27, she learned she was wrong.

Someone had found her bracelet, zipped it up in a plastic bag and pinned it to the wall at the pavilion.

“I am forever thankful for so many honest and good people in this world,” Juliano said. “It hung there for more than a week!”


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