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Factors for Home Sellers To Consider Before A Home Showing

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  • | 1:30 p.m. February 6, 2019
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As a home seller, you recognize that your house is one of many that is available to prospective homebuyers. However, unlike most home sellers, you’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure your residence represents an attractive choice to homebuyers. 

Although you may commit significant time and resources to getting your house ready for a home showing, there are several factors to consider as you prep your property. 

Some of the most common factors to consider include:

Appearance: Of course, your home’s interior and exterior should look pristine so they can help your home make a great first impression on homebuyers. You should clean and declutter your house as much as possible before a home showing. This will allow you to highlight how your house represents a spacious, immaculate oasis that a homeowner can enjoy for years to come. 

Don’t forget to hide personal items like photographs before you show your home, too. Ideally, you’ll want homebuyers to envision what it’s like to live in your house as they walk through. By removing personal items, you’ll make it easier for homebuyers to imagine a wonderful future when they buy your home.

Smells: Strong smells may linger, and ultimately, impact a homebuyer’s impression of your residence. You’ll want to pay close attention to any smells that may turn homebuyers off.

Focus on using air fresheners and candles that deliver warm, inviting aromas throughout your house. Whether it’s lighting a candle that fills your home with a rich natural scent or spraying an air freshener that brings an unparalleled citrus aroma to your residence, you can use odor eliminators to disguise unpleasant smells quickly and effortlessly. 

You also should consider smells that may develop on the day of a home showing. For instance, cooking bacon on your kitchen stove may be part of your morning routine, but it can leave a lingering smell. Conversely, home sellers who try to maintain pleasant aromas throughout their houses day after day should be able to minimize repugnant smells immediately.

Lighting: Illuminate your residence’s interior and exterior as best you can, and you’ll likely find that homebuyers may be more attracted to your house over others that are available. 

From dazzling pendant lights in the kitchen to recessed lighting in the hallways, you can make a bold statement with the right types of lighting throughout your home. 

Also, you should open the windows prior to a home showing to let sunlight fill your residence. By doing so, you can use natural light to illuminate your house and allow fresh air to filter through simultaneously.

For home sellers, it is essential to devote time and resources to prep your house for an upcoming showing. And if you need extra support along the way, working with an experienced real estate agent ensures that you can receive expert assistance as you add your home to the real estate market. Consider these factors as you get your house ready for a home showing, and you should have no trouble generating interest in your house.

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