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Top Story — March: Major League Football's inaugural season in doubt

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Major League Football's plans to begin its professional spring football league in 2016 appear to be in jeopardy.

League executives were planning a meeting in Lakewood Ranch to discuss "operational problems," Tuesday.

On Monday, workers at the Premier Sports Campus at Lakewood Ranch were lining fields in preparation for the start of league's training camp, which were originally scheduled for early March, then backed up to March 31 after the league announced it had lost a $20 million financial commitment from Clairmont Private Investment Group LLC on Feb. 8.

On Feb. 17, MLFB announced it had a $20 million equity, $100 million line of credit funding agreement with Asian Global Capital Ltd., that would put the league back on track.

Premier Sports Director Antonio Saviano said Friday he was informed the league would open training camp on April 4 and MLFB officials had been in contact with him and hadn't told him any different.

However, a letter had been sent last weekend to the league's players from MLFB President Wes Chandler advising players to hold off on their travel plans until their received notice from the league.

MLFB's Nick Athan, the vice-president of media relations, said he could make no comment on Monday.

The MLFB had planned to bring just under 1,000 players and personnel to Lakewood Ranch for its three-week training camp.


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