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Your Neighbor | Tim DeForest

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  • | 4:00 a.m. September 4, 2014
  • Sarasota
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Tim DeForest is a self-proclaimed comic book geek. His Hidden Lake Village condo houses roughly 400 comic books and action figures dating back to his childhood, including the first comic he ever owned.

DeForest still remembers trading three small plastic astronauts with a child on his school bus for the 15-cent DC Comics “Sgt. Rock” paperback when he was 10 years old in 1970.

Over the years, DeForest has accumulated hundreds of comics. He says his love of the paperback publications is what makes him a geek.

“I think any time you really have a love and appreciation for something you’re kind of ‘geeking out,’” he says.

As Ringling College of Art and Design’s library circulation manager, DeForest works with literature of all genres every day, however, it’s the comic book section he loves the most. When he’s not managing the library, DeForest is traveling the world for his church or guest speaking in one of Ringling’s History of Illustration lectures.

He may not ever gain super powers like his favorite characters, however, one could say DeForest has superhero qualities. DeForest uses his resources to do good by traveling with his church to South Sudan, Turkey and Guadalajara.

“It’s not as dramatic as beating up Godzilla, but it is nice to think that I’ve been over there to help people,” says DeForest.

Although he loves the silver-age comics, such as “Superman” and Spider-Man,” he says seeing the characters and story lines transform over the years with new editions or motion-picture films is part of the adventure.

The endless possibility of comic book story lines is what DeForest loves the most about the genre. From World War II pilots battling prehistoric dinosaurs to Marvel’s greatest superheroes joining forces to create The Avengers, nothing is unfathomable.

“I have read them over the years about 40 to 50 times because I just love the stories; even as an adult I still think it’s just awesome,” he says.

Neighborhood: Hidden Lake Village
Your neighbor since: 1998



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