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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 11:00 p.m. November 24, 2014
  • East County
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+ Faith in humankind restored
I just finished reading the story on the front page of the East County Observer’s Nov. 6 edition about bus driver Mike McCarter.

I had tears in my eyes while reading it. This story gives you faith in the human kind. Mr. McCarter took his job to another level. It was not only a job for him; it was a commitment, a responsibility and a desire to make those under his responsibility to achieve better. He had visible affection for those students.
Inspiring and beautiful.

This world needs more Mike McCarters.

Colette Knox
Lakewood Ranch

+ What’s a parade without a marching band?
On Tuesday, Nov. 11, Manatee County veterans organized and marched in a parade to celebrate and honor all the veterans in Manatee County. The venue was superb, as usual, in Palmetto and special thanks for the warm welcome and support. Most all of the high schools were represented by their JROTC organizations and they were appreciated.

I was bothered, though, by the lack of support provided by the high school marching bands. None showed up. The only music was provided by Bradenton Christian School, who did a great job. Where were the public high school bands?

The school officials that make these decisions should be ashamed for not supporting this parade.
What’s a parade without a marching band?

George Johnston
East County

+ Others worked to dig district out of hole
Dear Editor:
After reading your article about Rebecca Roberts, the new chief financial officer of the Manatee County School District, many emotions crossed my face; the first being shock about the misrepresentation being presented to the public about the new CFO.

As a member of the community and a family member of a school district employee, I’m well aware of the struggles the district has been through. However, the employees who worked endless nights, weekends, long hours and days on end to “help dig the school district out of a financial hole” and “develop the district’s 2014-15 school year budget” started a long time before Ms. Roberts made her appearance in April. I’m sure she has made contributions to the school district for areas that pertain to her job in finance, but allow me to point out the finance department is entirely different than the budget department. It offends the employees and their families of the people who actually put their lives on hold and sacrificed more than “a few long nights crossing out budget line items and examining which costs could be cut.”

Congratulations to the new CFO for acquiring her position, but shame on her for taking the credit of employees who truly care about the work they do and have done. Work for the children of the school district that meant sacrificing nights, with their own families. Work that they were proud to do, not to have the credit passed along to someone else.

Amy Allyn