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American Apparel

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  • | 2:06 p.m. July 2, 2014
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Whatever your style, America is always in. And what better way to celebrate our independence from the British than by enjoying a day in the sun, cooking out with family and friends and enjoying fireworks decked out in flag-patterned fashions.

I’m a huge fan of America. In fact, I have an oddly obsessive collection of American-flag items in my wardrobe and other facets of my life. But if you’re lacking in the ‘I love ‘Merica’ department or need a little inspiration for the Fourth, here are a few of my favorite American things to get you in the spirit.

The goods:

Get your hands on some radical shorts, for men. Check out Chubbies. They have an entire section of “the greatest shorts ever made” called The Americans. How patriotic is that? Get yourself a pair “The Patriots” or “The ‘Merica’s” and show off your true colors all day long.

Chubbies' The Patriots and The 'Mericas

Tank tops with swaggering “team America” sayings are always a good choice for showing your spirit on Independence Day. Rowdy Gentlemen has a generous selection of tank tops (and shirts, if you’re not a tank-top person) to celebrate the U.S. of A.

Nothing says America like a tank top with a former president’s face on it.

It's true.

Also true.

Now, we’ve all seen the “American beauty” photo: a girl on the beach, or in a field, stretching the American flag around her back as though it’s a glorious, starred-and-striped cape. It’s overdone, but I guess it’s kind of cool if you want to carry around a large American flag cape to drape over yourself while watching fireworks on the beach this year.

The glorious starred-and-striped cape.

This cape-like, Free People hoodie is also neat.

Americans love hot dogs. Myself included. If you have a style that's more understated, this shirt is the perfect way to say “I’m American.”

I wonder how many people will take a selfie with a hot dog while wearing this shirt on Friday. #hotdog

If these Jeffrey Campbell Lita booties don't scream "I LOVE AMERICA," then I'm not sure what does.

 Boom. Jeffrey Campbell booties; Color: American.

I’m not exactly sure if heart-shaped sunglasses qualify as American apparel, but Lana Del Ray rocks them, and she’s cool. So buy them in red, white or blue and love America in them.

If wearing your American spirit isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other ways to rep your country on its birthday, like these American flag linens. Don’t take an actual flag to the beach to lie on. That’s disrespectful, and it's probably not very absorbent. That’s what these nifty beach blankets and towels are made for.

For those of you who don't know, soft cotton tapestries make perfect beach blankets.


Plush terry beach towels are the best. Plush terry beach towels with American flags are even better.

More important than what you’re sippin’ on for the festivities is what you’ll be sippin’ from. These cups and koozies say a lot and will keep your drink cool during the day.

Nobody likes warm beer. Everyone loves America.

Okay, maybe this isn’t an American thing. Maybe it’s just me boasting my alma mater. But either way, Alabama has won a lot of national championships. And Americans are winners. So I like to drink from my Back-to-Back National Champions Tervis when I’m feeling especially patriotic.


Roll tide

Express your American self with your nails. Pinterest has plenty of ideas for American-inspired nails, so find what gets you, and say "I LOVE AMERICA" with your hands.

Pretty fingers

Hopefully you’ve been inspired. We celebrate on Friday, so get your red, white and blue and stars and stripes ready and have a good 4th of July, y’all.


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