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Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, here I am at: Sarasota Opera Camp

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  • | 4:00 a.m. June 27, 2013
Alia Bivona, Nissi Luvavali, Olivia Caragiulo and Emma Bivona act like superstars during wig class.
Alia Bivona, Nissi Luvavali, Olivia Caragiulo and Emma Bivona act like superstars during wig class.
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Campers sang their hearts out June 10 to June 28, at the Sarasota Opera, where they learned about different aspects that make-up opera, including make-up, set design, acting, opera history, dance, percussion and costuming.

Campers ages 8 to 18 learned from artists in the community and professionals in the field. The opera camp provided $4,000 in partial and full scholarships to participants, as well.

“We don’t want to deny anyone a musical experience because of finances,” said Sam Lowry, director of audience development with the Sarasota Opera.

By the Numbers
75 children

eight musical numbers learned

seven teaching assistants

more than 1,000 snacks eaten

eight hours of makeup

36 hours spent singing

Camper Spotlight
Alexander Koutelias,
Sarasota High School

Why have you come back to Sarasota Youth Opera Camp?
I always learn new things when I come back. I also like being with my friends and making new friends with similar interests to mine.

What is your favorite part?
I am always looking to make myself a better singer, so I look forward to chorus and voice classes. At the same time I always learn something new about technical aspects. I am in a wig class right now, and we are learning about wig making. I was also really interested in the lighting class. I learned so many things about color temperatures that I had no clue about.

Who are your teachers?
All the teachers here are professionals in the field. We have professional lighting designers, professional wig makers and professional make-up designers. The youth opera music director Maestro Jesse Martin, is the chorus teacher at this camp.

Our Opera 101 teacher is a stage manager here. Our voice teacher is a professional opera singer. It’s just a great experience to work with professionals.

Do you think you want to pursue opera as a career?
I don’t think I am going to make singing a career. I really enjoy it, and I know I will be a supernumerary for the rest of my life in any opera house I go to.

What would your tell your classmates about the camp?
I would tell them to come here because they can be exposed to opera itself as an art form. But, even if you don’t like opera, you can expose yourself to traditional aspects in musical settings, theater settings, as well as techniques when singing any type of music.


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