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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 5:00 a.m. November 30, 2011
  • Longboat Key
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+ New technology might prove better option than cell tower
Dear Editor:

I was upset to hear that the Longboat Key staff recommend cell tower approval. I do not think it is a good idea. What is the urgency of building a 150-foot tower that will definitely be a blight on the landscape? New technology is around the corner, and we will probably find that next year this will be obsolete. If people want a stronger signal, they can get a network extender for their wireless carrier.

The other point is that the jury is still out on the health issues of such towers. Parents always protest if these towers are built near public schools, and, as a result, they are not built near them.

The beauty of the north end of the island will be severely impacted. This is a more undeveloped part of the island with no high rises, therefore, the ugliness of the tower will stand out.

I hope there are others like myself who will take a stand and oppose this tower before it is too late.
Diana Cable
Longboat Key

+ What is the urgency to approve the cell tower plan?
Dear Editor:

This letter is questioning the approval of the cell tower. I am concerned about it. It seems as though half of the people I speak with are opposed to it. There are questions about aesthetics and health and property values and the future of the north end of the Key. Here’s my question: Wherein is the urgency to permit the construction of this tower, which may affect health, may make the appearance of the island less attractive, may affect property values and the future prosperity of the north end of the island?

But what is the urgency? Does the town profit from this? Why do something that seems risky, when doing nothing would avoid such risk?
Frederick Emrich
Longboat Key

+ Dogs on Longboat Key beach should be voted on
Dear Editor:

Based on my survey — at least as unscientific as yours — the results of your “Poll of the Day (Nov. 7)” concerning allowing dogs on the beach must have been conducted in the dog food isle of a pet store.

However, there is a consensus in my survey that the town has decided to turn the beach into a doggy park, but we reject the rationale that the town is looking, in lieu of beach re-nourishment, for a method to put more dark fill material on the beach. If not summarily rejected by responsible legislators, a matter like this that can seriously impact the tranquility of the island deserves as a minimum a vote of all citizens.
James Boland


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