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The Colony Beach & Tennis Resort has experienced break-ins and acts of vandalism since it closed in August 2010. (File photo)
Longboat Key Friday, Jul. 25, 2014 3 years ago

Vandals damage 33 Colony units

by: Caleb Motsinger

When he arrived at the Colony Beach & Tennis Resort on the morning of July 17, Manager Larry Schnitzel found that vandals damaged several buildings at the shuttered property.

Police reports from that morning indicate that 33 rooms in six buildings were damaged.

In Building 5, a fire extinguisher was broken into and used to smash through a sliding glass door. The extinguisher was found on the patio nearby, but it had recently rained and police were unable to dust the evidence for fingerprints.

Multiple units had the front doors kicked in as well, and another extinguisher had been broken into in Building 2.

In Building 18, more doors had been kicked in and additional units ransacked.

“Outside of the building, there were two flat screen TVs laying on the ground,” the report said. “ Mr. Schnitzel stated that the TVs came from his building and were damaged from being left out in the rain.”

Police were able to photograph a footprint on a unit door that had been kicked in at Building 17. On the first floor of that same building, a storage shed was also damaged, and on the seventh floor, a unit’s glass table was shattered, and a box of papers had been strewn across the room.

But, it was Building 12 that had the most damage, with 11 rooms affected. Police described more smashed tables, tossed chairs and broken pictures from the wall.

“Kitchen cabinets were hanging from the walls as if someone had attempted to tear them down,” the report said of one of the damaged units.

Management has boarded up windows and doors at the property to deter any more vandals from visiting the property.

No latent fingerprints were taken from the scene, and there was no damage to surrounding properties.

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