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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Sep. 12, 2012 8 years ago

TWIS Talks RIAF: Philadelphia's Pig Iron Theatre Company to Stage Newest Work

by: Jessi Smith

Since its foundation in 1995, the self-described “dance-clown-theatre ensemble,” Pig Iron Theatre Company, has been challenging and delighting audiences with its avant-garde, envelope-shoving approach to the stage.

In the 16 years since it was established, the experimental theatre ensemble has created 24 original works and performed on stages around the globe from Brazil to Lithuania — and virtually everywhere in between. In October, the Pig Iron Theatre Company makes its first visit to Sarasota to participate in the fourth annual Ringling International Arts Festival with a production of its latest theatrical experiment, Zero Cost House.

The Pig Iron Theatre Company is widely regarded for its eccentric approach to theatre, and Zero Cost House is no exception. However, to compare and contrast the company’s most recent production to the two-dozen others which precede it would be but a comparison of apples to oranges. (“Bacon to sausages” may have been more fitting were I, perhaps, trying just a little too hard to spin an old cliché into a clever pun.)

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