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East County Wednesday, May 27, 2020 2 months ago

Turtle tries the fast lane in Lakewood Ranch

Florida softshell turtle survives trip in the White Eagle Boulevard fast lane.
by: Jay Heater Managing Editor

It was rush hour in Lakewood Ranch and cars were zipping down White Eagle Boulevard to get home.

A large Florida softshell turtle was oblivious to the danger.

One kind lady thought the turtle would get flattened, so she pulled over and placed her car between the turtle and traffic. Another motorist pulled over and tried to help.

They both attempted to pick up the turtle, which tried to bite or claw them. Florida softshell turtles are known for being aggressive. They have long necks, powerful jaws and clawed feet.

Eventually, the two people managed to point the turtle in the right direction. Florida softshell turtles actually move rather quickly and after scooting across the road, the turtle took a moment to figure out how to get over the curb, then quickly ran to the lake and safety.

The turtle eventually was pointed in the right direction.
The rather high curb was the last obstacle between the turtle and grass that led to a lake.
The turtle muscled up and got over the curb.
Then it was a short run to the lake.




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