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Sarasota Monday, Jun. 7, 2010 7 years ago


by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

You’re probably envisioning The Naked Florist to be dazzling clients with flower bouquets in his birthday suit. But this man behind The Naked Florist — a man whose every motion can be observed through the panoramic windows of his boutique on Central Avenue — is not naked by any means. Mostly, it’s the colorful petals drinking in the water that get all the looks.

“I’m a very provocative kind of guy in the sense that I like shock value,” said owner and Creative Director Roger Capote. “I was born and raised in Miami, so it comes natural. I like doing things out of the box. All of the flowers are organic and pesticide free, and all of the packaging is recycled.”

Walking into the boutique, similar to a studio apartment, is literally like walking into a cooler. The room is so chilly that Capote jokes that he’s constantly reminding his clients to wear a sweater and apologizing for his cold hands upon greeting them.

Flowers are scattered around the room in buckets, orchids and recycled glass vases are situated on shelves and eco-friendly organic candles by BsaB are also available for purchase. Daily specials include a “bouquet in a bag,” which consists of whatever is available that day, for $15. Other specials include 20% off when clients bring back the vase from their previous purchase. Capote also donates all of Sarasota Ballet’s floral arrangements and bouquets during the dance season.

“My biggest inspiration with the space being so open and visual is that I wanted everyone to look in and see,” Capote said. “The ideas just come. I’m creatively driven, my style is different and that’s what I’m here for — to give Sarasota a product it’s never seen.”

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The Naked Florist
Address: 425 Central Ave.
Phone: 312-6962
Owner and Creative Director: Roger Capote
Employees: One
Hours: Monday by appointment; 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Tuesdays through Saturdays (closed Sundays)
What makes the business unique: "The ‘wow factor,'" says Capote, “It’s those first 30 seconds when the bride and groom walk into the room, or when client comes to pick up the arrangement and you see the look on their face.”



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