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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Jul. 31, 2019 2 years ago

Bite into these Savor Sarasota deals through the end of summer

Get the best of Savor Sarasota's extended menus this low season.
by: Niki Kottmann Managing Editor of Arts and Entertainment

Ah, Summer. The snowbirds have long taken flight, the Publix line is shorter, and it’s suspiciously easy to snag a parking spot at Siesta Key Beach.

But for local restaurants, this means less business. That’s why Visit Sarasota created Savor Sarasota, a culinary event consisting of more than 90 restaurants offering multicourse meals for a fixed, discounted price. This year, several restaurants decided to extend their deals. Here’s the scoop on four of them.

Cassariano Italian Eatery

Chef Antonio Pariano was born in Torino, Italy, where he attended the Culinary Institute of Torino. He owns both Cassariano locations with Luca Cassani of Milan. Photo courtesy Cassariano Italian Eatery

Where: 243 N. Cattlemen Road (and 313 W. Venice Ave., Venice)

Call: 355-8615

Deal: $16 for a two-course lunch or $32 for dinner, the latter of which consists of one salad or soup, one entree and one dessert

Extended through: Sept. 30

Chef: Antonio Pariano

Spotlighted dish: Filetto maiale funghi e marsala (has been on the menu for 10 years)

Ingredients: Pork tenderloin, prosciutto, Broccolini and mushroom Marsala, over polenta

How it works: “The pork tenderloin is a classic,” Pariano said. “It’s savory with a little bit of sweet taste. So we have that, caramelize it, so the flavor comes out; toss it with the mushroom; and then take the pork tenderloin and wrap it in prosciutto. The prosciutto is salty, and the Marsala is sweet, while the polenta is very mild, so it doesn’t overcome the other flavors, and it has a nice soft texture, like you’re eating bread. And we also have the Broccolini with its unique flavor.”

Why this dish for Savor Sarasota? “Today, people [eating out] want an experience — something new aesthetically and in flavor,” Pariano said. “We have a big portfolio of customers after opening in Venice 13 years ago, and this dish sticks in the mind of people. … This is an expression of love, otherwise we wouldn’t do it. Savor Sarasota is a good channel to offer more to the community. A lot of people walk through the door for the first time because of Savor Sarasota, so now it’s up to us to serve them excellent food and make them come back.

Cassariano’s pork tenderloin entree, which features prosciutto, Broccolini and mushroom Marsala, is on the Savor Sarasota menu. Photo courtesy Cassariano Italian Eatery


Other than the stuffed cabbage, entree options include tenderloin steak, grilled salmon, fish paprikash and stuffed chicken. Photo by Niki Kottmann

Where: 6516 Superior Ave.

Call: 906-9444

Deal: $32 for dinner (no lunch), which consists of one salad, crepe or soup to start; one entree; and one dessert

Extended through: Aug. 31

Chef: Tamas Benkovics

Spotlight dish: Hungarian stuffed cabbage (entree)

Ingredients: Mangalitsa pork, sauerkraut, cabbage, cheese, rice and seasonings

How it works: “Basically, I make the stuffing with the mangalitsa pork and a little bit of rice and seasonings, and then after that I cook the sauerkraut as a kind of stew,” Benkovics said. “The flavor is hard to describe because it’s so unique.

Why this dish for Savor Sarasota? “We’re trying to introduce Hungarian food to other people,” Benkovics said. “It’s a big opportunity for local people to visit at an affordable price — visit the restaurants that they wouldn’t go to that often. We only focus on local people. If we get tourists, we’re happy with them, but we focus on locals to get a year-round business and make a connection.”

Lolita Tartine

Chef Thomas Grzybinski of Lolita Tartine is from Paris. Photo by Niki Kottmann

Where: 1419 Fifth St.

Call: 952-3172

Deal: $16 for a two-course lunch or $32 for dinner, the latter of which consists of one soup, salad or other starter; one entree; and one dessert

Extended through: Aug. 31

Chef: Thomas Grzybinski

Spotlight dish: Lamb tajine (entree)

Ingredients: Lamb, couscous, prunes, apricots, sauteed snow peas, bell peppers and pears

Why it works: “Our lamb was very popular [even] before Savor Sarasota,” Grzybinski said. “It has a combination of spices that are tasty, and the couscous is best with lamb. It’s both sweet and salty — Moroccan style.”

Why this dish for Savor Sarasota? “We’re the only ones in Sarasota doing this kind of lamb,” Grzybinski said. “It’s more niched than traditional French dishes like beef bourguignon, and it’s not as heavy. You won’t feel too full leaving.”

Crab & Fin

Chef Troy Torman of Crab & Fin offers six oyster varietals and seven to nine fish options daily. Photo by Niki Kottmann

Where: 420 St. Armands Circle

Call: 388-3964

Deal: $16 for a two-course lunch or $32 for dinner, the latter of which consists of one soup, salad or other starter; one entree; and one dessert

Extended through: Oct. 15

Chef: Troy Torman

Spotlight dish: Yellowtail (entree — fish changes depending on what’s the catch of the day)

Ingredients: A whole yellowtail fish with jasmine rice, sauteed vegetables, mango habanero sweet and sour sauce, and Caribbean chimichurri

How it works: “The spice comes in the beginning, then it’s just sweet,” Torman said. “It’s lighter, isn’t so heavy. … And I tried to make it acidic and tone it down with some mango.”

Why this dish for Savor Sarasota? “At first it wasn’t on the Savor menu because when we have that menu going, that’s all we sell,” Torman said. “But we made the decision to take advantage of people coming in for the night who wouldn’t come in otherwise. I didn’t think this [dish] would go over as well as it does because of the habanero, but it’s not that spicy — good food, happy people.”

Chef Troy Torman says his menu changes daily based on what kind of fish is available. Photo by Niki Kottmann

To see a list of all the Savor Sarasota restaurants that have extended deals through the end of summer, click here.

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