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Sarasota Thursday, May 23, 2019 3 months ago

Sarasota Athlete of the Week: Dominic Bennett

The Sarasota running back talks goals for next season and his taco preferences.
by: Ryan Kohn Sports Reporter

Dominic Bennett is rising junior running back/defensive back on the Sarasota High football team. He had three touchdowns and an interception May 21 in the Sailors' 34-21 home spring win against Cardinal Mooney High.

When did you start playing football?

When I was 5. My whole family played, and I always played with them in the backyard. They pushed me into it. 

What is the appeal to you?

The competition of it. Striving to do your best every day. I love it.

What is your best skill?

I am smart on the field. My football IQ helps me a lot. I can see plays before they happen. It helps me get better. 

What is your favorite memory?

I used to live in Fort Wayne, Ind. (Bennett moved to Sarasota two years ago.) I used to play for a youth team called the Chargers. One season, we went 12-0 and won the "Super Bowl." That was my favorite. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Getting bigger and stronger each season. Keeping up with everyone else (in terms of strength). 

What are your goals for next season?

I want to rush for 1,000 yards and score ... I don't have a number, but a bunch of touchdowns. 

What is your favorite food?

Tacos. I get steak, lettuce, sour cream and add some lime juice. 

What is your favorite show?

"Last Chance U" (on Netflix). 

Which superpower would you pick?

I have to think about that one. Maybe mind-reading. I would like to know what people are thinking. Sometimes people act like they like you, but you find out later they really don't. 

What is your favorite subject?

Math. It is a bit like a competition. It can get hard and I like to challenge myself with it. 

What is the best advice you have received?

Be a leader. Fight through any obstacles you have to go through to be successful.

Finish this sentence: "Dominic Bennett is ... "

A talented young athlete. Not only on the field but academically strong, too. 

I’m the sports reporter for Sarasota and East County and a Missouri School of Journalism graduate. I was born and raised in Olney, MD. My biggest inspirations are Wright Thompson and Alex Ovechkin. My strongest belief is that mint chip ice cream is unbeatable.

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