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Sarasota Thursday, May. 9, 2013 4 years ago

Residents share their opinions on upcoming runoff election

by: Roger Drouin and Yaryna Klimchak

Citizens are voting early, or preparing to vote, in the upcoming City Commission runoff election for two at-large seats. The election takes place May 14.

Dorfman leads recent fundraising reporting period
Before the May 14 City Commission runoff election, the three candidates stepped up their fundraising campaigns.

Richard Dorfman led the way during the most recent campaign-finance reporting period, from April 6 to April 19, with $11,960 in campaign contributions. Thus far, he has collected a total of $57,516.

Susan Chapman collected $3,675 from April 6 to April 19. Thus far, Chapman has collected a total of $27,755 in campaign donations.

Incumbent Suzanne Atwell collected $2,550 during the recent campaign-contribution period. Thus far, Atwell has collected a total of $24,238.

Candidates can collect a maximum of $200 from an individual donor.

Mary Allyn
Voted absentee

“I think Chapman has the most experience with the city. She has experience with the planning board and with the Hudson Bayou Neighborhood Association. She has a deeper understanding than someone who has just come here. I think Dorfman has big plans for development without any regard for transportation or community input. I don’t think we should neglect Suzanne Atwell, but I voted for one person.

Bruce and Carolyn Fraleigh
Voted early

“We’ve already voted. We voted for Suzanne Atwell and Mr. Dorfman. Those two came and talked to us (at a neighborhood meeting), and we were very impressed. I would like to see them do something to tie together downtown to Rosemary.
“I would like to see more people vote. It was 15% in the last election.”

John Ehlert
Plans to vote on Election Day

“Economic development issues are the most important. I’m concerned about the noise issue, because it affects residents. Every city I have lived in has had noise and downtown residents, so I don’t understand the issue. I met the mayor; she impressed me. I like Dorfman’s business background. I think that is crucial now.”

Clay Barnett
Plans to vote on Election Day

“The (City) Commission is the only government that has a direct effect on the community. It’s important. I have to do some research before Tuesday. I don’t want to be an ignorant voter.”

Gweta Cannon
Voted early on Saturday

“I voted early on Saturday, for Chapman. I like that she is committed to the neighborhood associations. Development is my big concern.”

“I am supporting Richard Dorfman.
“I don’t think they have a handle on the issues. I think they don’t understand the marketplace of Sarasota.”
“I think Susan Chapman has never grasped the realities of what it takes to build a community. “
“Well, all I need to say is Atwell comes from the administration that brought us the parking meter. I think that’s self-explanatory.”
“I think building a healthy, strong community for everyone who lives here, and ensuring good services for all people — minorities and the homeless.”
“I think Sarasota needs to offer those services and, to do that, we need to create a vibrant downtown by having controlled growth by having a dense urban area that can give us a decent tax base that can provide services.”
— Bonnie Harner

“I live in the neighborhood fighting the Walmart superstore. I think Chapman will be on the side of small business compared to the other two candidates.
“I know the bullet points of where (the candidates) stand.
“They are all running on economy. It just differs how they talk about it, which is at the forefront for locals and the media.”
— Melissa Russ

“I think it is important to have a person who represents what I want to happen in Sarasota.
“I think zoning is important. Zoning is probably the main thing; density and impacts in your neighborhood. And the homeless.”
— Barbara Sassenmamay

“I am going to re-elect Atwell because she has been good.”
— Amanda Kricos

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