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Downtown parking meters will accept payment with coins and credit/debit cards. However, dollar bills cannot be used.
Sarasota Wednesday, May. 18, 2011 6 years ago

Paid-parking primer to instruct drivers

by: Robin Roy City Editor

With downtown parking meters going online in just five days, the Downtown Sarasota Alliance is offering free information on the paid-parking program.

From 7:45-8:30 a.m. Thursday morning, the DSA will hold a special event at Whole Foods Market with everything drivers need to know about downtown parking.

Coffee, prizes, gift bags, brochures, maps and a raffle of free-parking vouchers will all be offered.

Parking meters already have been installed in an area bounded roughly by Orange Avenue to the east, Gulfstream Avenue to the west, Second Street to the north and McAnsh Square to the south. More than 450 spaces are metered there.

Most streets will be served by pay stations, but in areas with just a few spaces, such as in front of the Palm Avenue parking garage, single-space meters will be placed.

In pay-station areas, a space number will be painted on the curb, drivers head to the pay station and input that number, as well as their money.

The metered spaces will cost $1 per hour, with the exception of those on Gulfstream Avenue, which are 50 cents per hour.

Payment can be made by coin and credit/debit cards. Dollar bills will not be accepted.

One of the unique aspects of the meters is that someone can pay for their space at any pay station in the city.

So, if a driver parks on Gulfstream Avenue but is dining on Lemon Avenue, he can locate a pay station on Lemon and enter his space number to extend his parking time.

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