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Longboat Key Saturday, Nov. 14, 2009 8 years ago

Man on the street: Gourmet grub

by: Dora Walters Senior Editor

What was your favorite food at this year's St. Jude Gourmet Luncheon?

Mary Lou Loughlin
“There was a lot of great food, but I am a stone-crab fan. My choice was the stone crab from Moore’s.”

Donna Evans

“I thought the paella Valencia from the Lido Grille was outstanding. I also like the Columbia 1905 salad. But, then, I didn’t find anything I didn’t like.”

Trish Kelley

“I haven’t tried everything but so far, I liked the shrimp and grits but I don’t remember where I got it. Each year, too, I enjoy the stone crabs from Moore’s.”

William Thorkelson
“Everything is great. There’s such a variety. Lots of great seafood, shrimp, crab and lobster.”

Talon Coons
“I love salads. My mom says the one I’m eating is the 1905 salad from the Columbia. I’ve already had a second helping.”

Mike Button

“I’m still eating. Lots more to sample. So far I have especially liked the mussels served by the Hilton Latitudes Café and the lobster bisque from the Lazy Lobster.”


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