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East County Wednesday, May 5, 2010 11 years ago

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Tara homeowners object to development

by: Arthur and Eleanor Mullins

Dear Editor:

As homeowners in Tara Golf and Country Club, my wife and I are strongly opposed to the proposed rezoning of the southwest corner of State Road 70 and Tara Boulevard from residential to commercial by Lake Lincoln LLC and also to permitting additional uses within the Twelve Oaks Plaza, including construction of a cellular communications tower. We have both signed a petition to this effect. 

Our community is being active in expressing our views to the planning authorities and the county commission. We very much appreciate the support shown by these groups in the past and hope that they will be sensitive to the needs of our community and nearby communities on this important issue. 

My wife and I are not N.I.M.B.Y. people. We are willing to entertain the idea of value-added development near our community. But the proposal is clearly for the wrong things in the wrong location.

We are concerned about the effects on property values and appearance. We are concerned about issues such as the amount of congestion and additional traffic in areas so close to our homes that has seen substantial development (i.e. in Twelve Oaks Plaza) in the last few years. Traffic and traffic safety in the area, especially the Tara Boulevard/S.R. 70 intersection is already a major problem. My neighbor was involved in a serious accident at that corner within the last few weeks.

The proposed development will substantially affect traffic flow and, even so, will not provide convenient entry and egress. We are concerned that much of the proposed development will only duplicate existing services and development and add little or nothing of value to the community.

We are concerned about the highly visible location for the proposed cellular communications tower, where it will be an eyesore to anyone traveling Interstate 75, S.R. 70 and Tara Boulevard.  If there ever was an inappropriate location for such a tower, this is it.

We are very concerned with loss of the buffer property on the southwest corner that currently provides a noise and visual buffer for residents of Tara Golf and Country Club as well as highly valuable animal habitat and wildlife. I have seen a great number of species of birds, foxes, wildcats, and, on occasion, whitetail deer in this habitat. Wetland loss can be mitigated, but it is clear that not all wetland swaps are equal.

The proposed development has not been done before now, in spite of ongoing interest by the developer cover many years. This in itself is testament to the fact that it is not a worthwhile idea. Should the developer be rewarded not for creating a value-added proposal but merely for perseverance over the years?

Arthur and Eleanor Mullins
Tara Golf and Country Club

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