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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Mar. 31, 2010 7 years ago

Iconic encore

by: Heidi Kurpiela Contributing Writer

Proving the concept behind “iconcept” is still fresh, Art Center Sarasota hit the mark again this year with its high-energy fashion show. With designs by more than two-dozen visual artists, including Gale Fulton Ross and architect Carl Abbott, 2010’s catwalk creations were even more provocative than last year.

Thanks to artists Sarah Ford and Suzanne White, bottle caps and pencils have never looked sexier. (Ford crafted a mini skirt out of No. 2 pencils, and White adorned a dress with recycled Heineken beer caps.) Even artist Daniel Petrov’s “Mini Body Bag with Noose,” made from canvas and rope and inspired by sailboats and executions, was oddly flirtatious.

“I wanted to introduce dark humor to maritime navigation,” Petrov said. “I suppose you could wear it to your execution and still look stylish. It’s meant to be tongue in cheek.”

The event, which kicked off with a performance by Fuzión Dance Artists in Bahamian street parade masks and headdresses, was sold out. Every chair in the house was occupied, and even the stairs doubled as seating.

Hosted by cheeky cable television personality Lorenzo Hubbard, who stepped out in not one, but two, Gucci kimonos, the runway show with a reputation for rowdy dance music and even rowdier fashion had audiences howling for more.

“To get such artistic talent to create this kind of fashion is just fabulous,” said Art Center board member Jeffrey Weisman. “It’s just such a cool event. We’ve waited all year for it.”

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