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Jennifer Woodford, 14, wipes off any excess Bolognese sauce from the side of the plates before serving.
Siesta Key Thursday, Jul. 25, 2013 4 years ago

Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh, here I am at: Chef Camp


Scents of tomatoes and pasta float through the air as Chef Camp campers at Mattison’s Forty-One prepare to serve a special lunch to their guests.

Chef Camp offered four sessions through the summer, during which area chefs taught children how to sauté and grill, and make pasta, sauce and desserts. The “Taste of Tuscany” session ran July 15 to July 19. Fifteen campers participated.

During the camp, Mattison’s Forty-One chefs Jeff Sladky, Ken Smith, Ray LaJoie and Aaron Mortensen taught campers proper table setting, event logistics, kitchen safety and, of course, how to cook the meals.

Brianna Wall, 15 years old

What have you done this week?
The first day of camp we prepared food. We also went over some safety rules on how to prepare food and how to use the equipment properly. The second day we started cooking and cooked a lot of food.

What are you serving your guests today?
We are serving them pasta with Bolognese sauce. We have a salad with a cheese soufflé; and for dessert — we have the cheesecake.

What is your favorite part of camp?
My favorite part is getting to know people and getting to meet new people everyday.

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