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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jan. 25, 2012 5 years ago

Cops Corner: Longboat Key


Jan. 10
Wallet found
4:45 p.m. — 200 block of Sands Point Road.
Property Found. The security office of a resort turned in a wallet found on the property.

Jan. 12
Mailbox mayhem
8:22 p.m. — 6600 block of GMD.
Vandalism. A woman called police when she discovered that her dolphin mailbox had been broken and her garbage can had been moved for the second week in a row. The woman called the garbage company, which told her that their driver reported the mailbox damage when he saw it that morning, however, he said that the damage was already done when he arrived.

Jan. 13
Seeing the light
8:06 a.m. — 600 block of Ranger Lane.
Boat/Miscellaneous. A homeowner reported that a vessel was moored off his property directly across from the opening to a channel. The man said that the boat had been moored overnight with no lighting. Police met with the boat’s owner who agreed to move the boat and install proper lighting.

Return policy
2:46 p.m. — Intersection of Gulf of Mexico Drive and Hornblower Lane. Property Found. Police located the owner of a wallet turned in earlier that day.

Jan. 14
Price of rollbacks
3 p.m. — 400 block of GMD.
Property Damage. A man was making deliveries and forgot to place his car in park as he stepped out of it. The car slipped into gear and rolled backward into a sign, causing minor damages. The man asked police to document the incident so that he could compensate the sign owner for repairs.

Damage control
9:46 p.m. — 5500 block of GMD. Property Damage. A man found multiple scratches on his car after he left the restaurant where he ate dinner. Police found damages to the rear window and hood but were unable to find the culprit.

Couple’s quarrel
10:13 p.m. — 5600 block of GMD. Disturbance. A woman said that she had a disagreement with her boyfriend and was taking a walk to relax after police responded to a reported domestic disturbance. Both the man and woman agreed that no physical altercation occurred. Police drove the couple back to the vacation unit where they were staying with their family.

Off the chain
12:13 p.m. — 100 block of Broadway. Property Found. A resident told police that an unsecured bicycle had been on a bike rack for at least two days. Police took the bicycle to the station and placed it in found property.

Jan. 15
Tailgating troubles
4:50 p.m. — 5300 block of GMD.
Traffic Violation. A passing driver told police that a woman was tailgating them and honking her horn as they drove north on Gulf of Mexico Drive. The woman said that the car was traveling at 25 mph but would not allow her to pass and denied honking her horn. Police warned the woman to drive more carefully.

Jan. 16
Pick-up truck
2:19 p.m. — 700 block of St. Judes Drive.
Parking Violation. Police responded to a report of a truck parked at a duplex that didn’t belong in the area. Police contacted the truck’s owner, who said he would pick it up the following day.

He knows better
9:16 p.m. — 1100 block of GMD. Traffic Violation. The driver of a truck pulling a trailer with no tag attached told police he was “too lazy” to get the trailer properly registered and knew he shouldn’t have been using it. Police arrested the driver and issued him a citation to appear in Sarasota County Court.

Security check
10:20 p.m. — 6800 block of GMD. Security Check. Police discovered an unlocked dry-cleaning business during a routine security check. Police couldn’t locate the key holder and wrote the case number on a door hanger.

Jan. 17
Missing the boat
5:22 p.m. — 600 block of Norton St.
Lost/Missing Property. A woman reported that her kayak went missing on or around Dec. 18. She said that the kayak was tied up on a dock beside a boat at the back of her home but wasn’t locked.

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