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Kaitlin Bohan
East County Friday, Feb. 18, 2011 9 years ago


by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

Puppy raisers from Southeastern Guide Dogs visited fourth- and fifth-grade students at Gullett Elementary School Thursday. The East County Observer caught up with students after the presentation to see what they learned.

What was your favorite thing you learned?

Kaitlin Bohan
“I learned that there’s a big difference in how these puppies act.”

Claudia Sbaschnik
“Probably how much money it takes to have the puppies get raised — $60,000 for each.”

Faith Jackson
“The most interesting thing is how you have to stay there 26 days for them to match up with a puppy.”

What was your favorite part of the presentation?

Matt Gelorme
“My favorite part of the presentation was getting to see the dogs and learning what they do at Southeastern Guide Dogs.”

Jessica Sbaschnik
“When they introduced all the dogs, and we got to learn all their names and what they do.”

Would you ever want to become a puppy raiser and why?

Grace Sever
“I think it would (neat) to be a puppy raiser because it would help somebody else. It’d also be kind of fun to have a puppy even though they have to be taken away.”

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