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Arts and Entertainment Monday, Jan. 30, 2012 8 years ago

Cats In The Basement Croon In The Night on New EP

by: Anthony Paull

Okay! The latest Cats In The Basement EP, DOO BEE DOO LA DEE DAY DUM BE DUM DRINK YOUR BLOOD (Finch House Records), answers the question, "What would happen if you gave Modest Mouse a drunken beach bash and got the B-52s' Kate Pierson to spin sand circles then pee on herself during a keg stand?" The EP plays like a soundtrack to that kind of party.

Upon first listen, one can’t help but feel as if he or she's walked into a love shack along the coastline where nobody’s showered in a week. But that might be fine. It’s a dirty, dance-floor love affair backlit by horns, spacey girl whistles and front man Greg Ferris declaring to the world that he’s just, well, a guy.

“There ain’t a drop of truth to them rumors and lies,” Ferris sings, discussing the ins-and-outs of slutting around town. The mood is quite reminiscent of a one-night stand, particularly due to the sinister side of Ferris’ vocals indicating there might be some truth to those lies after all. Like, maybe in some downtown pub he’s been caught with his pants down in a dingy bathroom stall. And maybe he pulled out a magic marker to scribble the details on the toilet. That’s the spirit of these tunes: groovy to moody in a split beat. The songs evoke an essence of rebellion before turning ugly, like a ballsy night on a binge with great friends. It’s a blast ‘til one drink too many.

“Do I shit on the stars you were wishing on?” Ferris croons in "HERBCRUST." Yes, it’s a big splendid shindig ‘til the depression set in and the truth leaks out. That’s what gives the record an edge. Each song carries honesty, a wound. It’s impossible not to relate to such hurt, and even more difficult to imagine living without it.

Visit for more info. Full-length album out February 21st, 2012.

- Anthony Paull is an author, filmmaker and entertainment journalist. His first novel, Outtakes of a Walking Mistake, is available now.

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