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Siesta Key Thursday, Apr. 5, 2012 5 years ago

April Fools' stories elicit responses from the community


The Pelican Press’ first April Fools’ edition seemed to have resonated with many readers this year, based on the feedback we have received.

From phone calls (to us and county officials) to emails, we received many opinions about the stories that appeared in last week’s issue. To wit: We received more than 20 applications for eager participants in “Siesta Shore,” a spinoff of MTV’s “Jersey Shore.” Sorry folks, your television dreams will have to be realized elsewhere.

For the record: The stories on pages 1A through 4A in the March 29 issue of the Pelican Press are not true.
Here are some of the reactions we’ve heard regarding this year’s April Fools’ issue.

+ Siesta Key Village Association meeting
The Siesta Key Village Association took a moment out of its monthly meeting Tuesday, April 3, to address the April Fools’ issue of the Pelican Press:

Commissioner Nora Patterson remarked that all four editions of the papers had aspects that she found hysterical and that she especially enjoyed the part about dogs being required to register their barks on a decibel reader at the beach.

Kay Kouvatsos wondered if the Pelican planned to run a follow up to the edition, because she’d heard from condo owners who were distraught and talking about selling their condos.

Bill Burns said he wanted to write a letter to the editor, because he enjoyed the issue so much. He knew the Legoman Land story was fake as soon as he read that it was approved by the county, and then he looked up and noticed the April 1 publication date.

+ ‘Siesta Shore’
By far, the story that generated the most buzz was the story that MTV would be filming a “Jersey Shore” spinoff called “Siesta Shore.” The Pelican Press received more than 20 applications for contestants who wanted to be on the show and even received one offer from a local bar to employ the new TV stars. The applications included many photos and at least one full résumé.

The following are some samples of the applications the Pelican Press received:

There is not a better pick than yours truly for the show. I was born in Sarasota and have lived there for the majority of my life. I love fishing, volleyball, playing sports, having fun and just being me.

The five reasons you should pick me is ...
1. Everyone always tells me how entertaining I’d be to have my own reality show
2. I’m a blue-eyed blonde bombshell that takes care of my body
3. I just graduated college and this is the perfect time to do something different with my life
4. I’m loud and like to have fun
5. Even for as loud and crazy as I am, I always make decisions with other people in mind
1. Just moved from Ohio to sarasota about 2 months ago love going to siesta to the clubs i would say over half of the bar tenders and bouncer know me.
2. Love to meet new people varry out going and motavated clean cut.
3. There’s nothin better than going to the beach and tanning playing vally ball, beer pong, and more than any thing weman.
4. Love going to the gym have a life styles and golds gym member ship.
5. I love to fist pump though the clubs and be asume.

People tell me I am Snookis legit twin.short, dark brown hair,super tan&italian. I can show you!
I’m about to graduate high school and go to college so PARTYYYYYY
I’m so outgoing and loud and I know how to turn anything into FUN
I live right by siesta key so whuduppppp!
& I’m down for some roommates ;)

1. I am a 22 year old personal trainer, who loves to go out and have fun
2. I am very cute and very aware of it
3. Im outgoing love to do stupid thing and will do anythign for a laugh
4. I am not a realtionship guy at the moment and just want to enjoy my time with whoever may come my way.
5. I am always running around trying to keep myself entertained.

+ Legoman Land
• Robert Martini, lifeguard on Siesta Key, commented about how many questions he and the other lifeguards received Thursday, March 29, about Legoman Land and the new parking garage.

“We didn’t know what people were talking about,” said Martini.

Martini estimated that he had about 40 different people throughout his shift ask about the rumors.

“None of us knew what was going on until the end of the day when we got a hold of the paper and saw the stories,” he said. “They were so funny!”

• The Pelican Press received two phone calls regarding Legoman Land. One caller said they spent an hour calling the county to complain before being told it was an April Fools’ joke, and another caller said, “It sounded like a nightmare.”

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