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Cops Corner

Woman finds her bag on a porch and then is paid $40 to leave

An evicted noisy short-term roommate kept calling police for help while an officer was on the scene. This and other Sarasota Police Department reports in this week's Cops Corner.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. July 19, 2023
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Wednesday, July 5

When ya gotta go …

9:07 a.m., Bayfront Park

Animal problem: An officer observed a dog inside a parked vehicle that contained no other occupants. The dog was panting, and the vehicle's engine was not running at the time, but the windows were open. After contacting the Animal Services Office, the vehicle owner returned, said the dog belonged to him and claimed he was away from the vehicle for only a short time due to a badly needed restroom trip. 

Authorities informed him, though, that the corgi/French bulldog mix was left unattended for at least 40 minutes. Animal Services issued the man two citations for animal violations.

Thursday, July 6

Can you break a 20?

5:33 p.m., 2000 block of North Washington Boulevard

Dispute: When a man’s request to break a $20 bill was refused by staff at a retail outlet, a dispute began. As a result, the manager asked that the man be trespassed from the property. An officer spoke with the subject outside, who said he was upset about the trespass warning and that he intended to continue shopping at that store. He was repeatedly informed that returning to the store over the next 12 months could result in him receiving a citation or being taken into custody. The man left the premises without further incident.

Saturday, July 8

Key to her broken heart

3:45 a.m., 1500 bloc of 23rd Street

Criminal mischief: A complainant reported he was inside his home when a woman approached his rental vehicle and began scratching it with a key. The victim said when he looked through a window he saw the woman keying the vehicle, then left the area with several unknown females.

The victim said the issue stemmed from him cheating and advised that he did wish to pursue charges. However, he refused to provide an officer with her phone number and said, although he did not know her birth date, she was “around 37.” Because the victim would not provide enough information to identify the suspect, the officer was unable to identify her, nor locate any witnesses or cameras that may have captured the incident.

Real scare crows

9:02 p.m., 2200 block of Benjamin Franklin Boulevard

Animal problem: While on sunset foot patrol on South Lido Beach an officer observed several dead crows tied to signs surrounding a protected bird area. The sign read, “Crow Effigies,” which are typically fake crows used to scare off birds of prey. However, the birds appeared to be actual dead crows, which were decaying and covered with insects. The officer took photos and notified Animal Services.

Sunday, July 9

Cranky caller

1:12 a.m., 700 block of North East Avenue

Civil dispute: A woman was upset because the owner of a home had placed her bag outside and barred her from entry. She explained she paid $50 to stay at the home for five nights. The owner told an officer the woman had been making it difficult for him to sleep because she was “in and out and loud.” 

The man offered to return $20 to the complainant, who was “extremely uncooperative” and continued to make unnecessary calls for police help to dispatch while the officer was on scene. A sergeant arrived on the scene to assist the complainant in understanding that she did not have any right to enter the home. The man eventually gave her $40 and she left on foot. 

Checking her brakes

2:26 p.m., near South Tuttle Avenue and Conrad Street

Suspicious incident: An officer investigated a reported hit and run crash that never occurred, but may have been a retaliation for a brake check incident. The complainant advised a case of road rage began in the county on Bee Ridge Road when she brake checked another female driver. She said the other driver then caught up to her on South Tuttle Avenue and Prospect Street, where she threw an unknown object, possible a water bottle, at her vehicle.

The complainant showed the officer a black mark on a rear passenger door, but it was unable to be determined if the mark was fresh damage or from previous damage as there were several black marks in the same area. The officer advised the complainant that brake checking is illegal and dangerous.


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