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Workout Routine

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  • | 4:00 a.m. July 27, 2011
About 20 girls and women of all ages participate in Michelle Kovalick's Creekwood Boot Camp.
About 20 girls and women of all ages participate in Michelle Kovalick's Creekwood Boot Camp.
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Growing up, Creekwood resident Michelle Kovalick had absolutely no interest in athletics.

But that all changed 10 years ago when her husband, Mike, bought her a six-month membership to Shapes Total Fitness following the birth of her second child, Harley.

Some women might have been offended by the gesture, but Kovalick took it all in stride. She began working out and quickly realized she enjoyed the time for herself. She extended her membership and continued her workout regimen.

“I just like it,” Kovalick said. “I like to work out. Some people don’t.”

Eventually, Kovalick decided to turn her love of fitness into a career. She became a certified personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise in May 2009. Ten months later, Kovalick was walking through her neighborhood when her friend, Denise Nelson, approached her about needing a personal trainer.

The two talked about personal training, and Nelson mentioned the idea of Kovalick starting a boot camp for women in her neighborhood. Kovalick liked the idea, and in March 2010, she formally started her own boot camp.

The Creekwood boot camp, which is open to both teens and adults, is held from 6-7 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at Creekwood Community Park. During each boot camp, Kovalick uses a variety of exercises, including running, Tabata or interval training, plyometrics and free weights to help target different areas.

“It’s a way to get in shape, have fun and meet other women,” Kovalick said. “I try to change it up as much as I can and what they’ll take from me.”

Those interested in attending the Creekwood boot camp can do so at a cost of $10 per class or $50 a month for unlimited classes.

Today, Kovalick has up to 20 people, ranging in age from teenagers to a 62-year-old, attending each class.

“I like meeting people in the neighborhood that I might never have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with,” Kovalick said. “It’s nice to be around people who are experiencing the same things. They’re all very encouraging to each other.”

Bradenton resident Michele Veilleux started attending the Creekwood boot camp in November after learning about the boot camp at the Harvest Hustle, where Kovalick and her clients were running the 5K together.

Veilleux attended her first class the following Saturday, which also happened be the 5K training class as well. From that point, on she was hooked.

“It was a killer class,” Veilleux said. “She worked me out well. She’s an awesome person. She wants us to be successful in what we’re doing. This gives you the physical conditioning that no other class can. She always mixes it up and keeps it interesting.”

In addition to the Creekwood boot camp, Kovalick also offers personal training. Kovalick offers 30- and 60-minute personal training sessions with each session tailored toward each individual client’s needs and fitness goals.

Personal training session costs vary from $20 to $50 depending on length and location.

For more information on Michelle Kovalick’s Creekwood boot camp and personal training, visit or contact Kovalick at 962-4955 or [email protected].

Contact Jen Blanco at [email protected].



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