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Sarasota Friday, Sep. 25, 2020 10 months ago

Sarasota Charter Review Board District 3: David Samuel

Meet the candidate.

Name: David Samuel

Age: 77

Family: Married, three children and seven grandchildren


  • B.S. - The Ohio State University
  • M.Ed – Cincinnati Xavier University
  • History and Government Teacher
  • 45 years service in Public Education
  • Past President of the Ohio Association for Pupil Transportation
  • Past City Council Member and President, Gahanna, Ohio
  • Past Member of the Central Ohio Transit Authority Board of Trustees
  • Past Chairperson and Member of the North Port Florida Charter Review Advisory Board
  • Current Member of the Sarasota County Charter Review Board
  • Radio Show Host on WKDW-97.5 FM, North Port Florida


Why do you want to serve on the Charter Review Board?

I want to continue serving the citizens of Sarasota County. I have proven to be an effective representative of the people who is able to work with my colleagues and constituents.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities during your term?

My top three priorities are to:

  1. Listen with an open mind;
  2. Evaluate proposed changes by following established guidelines outlined in the charter; and
  3. Always be respectful.

Where do you stand: Should the Charter Review Board be proactive initiating changes to charter, or should the board make recommendations based on voter desires and ideas brought to the board?

The CRB should review and propose changes to the charter that are either presented by citizens or that are self-initiated.

What is your position on turning the Charter Review Board into an appointed position rather than an elected office?

The current commission – county administrative form of government requires that the CRB remain an elected position.

What, if anything, in your view needs to be updated/changed in the county charter?

The petition process needs to be more structured. This would make the process more transparent and easier to complete.

The CRB has been discussing changes to the charter amendment process. What’s your position on that?

I agree with current proposals to streamline the petition process.

What are your comments about reforming the CRB, so it mirrors the State Constitutional Revision Commission — appointed members every 10 or 20 years to review the charter, rather than the existing system of elected members who serve four-year terms?

I disagree with the proposal concerning reforming the CRB, so that it mirrors the State Constitutional Revision Commission. The CRB is currently operating at a functional performance level; therefore no current changes are required.

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