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Sarasota Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014 3 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Eizenstat is wrong about Israel
Dear Editor:
I recently attended a speech Stuart Eizenstat gave at the Jewish Center. When he said Israel was alone, except for the United States, in its affairs, several Canadians who were present hooted and hollered, saying no, Canada was with Israel. Eizenstat replied, “But there’s nothing Canada can do because it’s such a small power in the world.”

How stupid! Eizenstat said this just as Canada’s prime minister was visiting Israel and many Canadian government officials were publicly deriding Oxfam’s attempts to delegitimize Israel.

There is no place for arrogance in dealing with potential allies of Israel. The little country of Costa Rica was the first at the U.N. to recognize the new state of Israel. Eizenstat needs to be retired. He doesn’t know anything about the future of the Jews.

David M. Selcer

+ Homeless were cooperative
Dear Editor:
I would like to personally thank the homeless who gather at Pineapple Park for giving up the fountain for the children and families that have been using it during the farmers market on Saturday mornings. When I asked them if they could find another spot for a while last Saturday, they were very cooperative even to the point of mentioning it needed a little cleaning up. I let them know that was fine and we would sweep up a bit. I commend these folks for doing something good. When it comes to kids, they have a big hearts.

Phil Pagano
Operations manager / Sarsota Farmers Market

+ Comment was in poor taste
Dear Editor:
As a retired Sarasota Police sergeant I applaud the efforts of Chief DiPino and the officers at SPD for reaching out to all citizens in a social setting such as this. I think a majority of citizens feel the same way and look forward to meeting and talking to many of the officers this way. However, I do not appreciate the article taking a small but effective shot at a negative stereotype, which many people flaunt toward all uniformed officers, and that is, of course, the “donut” comment. You may think it’s funny, but the officers don’t. Just because they are public servants and work for the taxpayers is not an excuse to take a cheap shot at being funny. Think about it, would you do the same if the group were black, Hispanic or gay? This type of perceived humor is expected by people on the street — it’s not supposed to come from local media.

Bob Gorevan

+ Scrooge and the workhouse
Dear Editor:
Your opinion regarding jobless benefits sounds like Scrooge talking about the workhouse. The labor participation rate is the result of decades of “corporate welfare” that began with Reaganomics. The American labor market has been destroyed by this policy, which enriches the wealthy American aristocracy at the expense of the middle class. People want to work, but the wages they get are lower than the benefits! The solution would be to raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour. That’s what you should be calling for! That would lower benefit and food stamp usage.

Ray Castle

Mr. Castle: Why stop at $20 an hour for the minimum wage? Why not go all the way — guarantee everyone a job at $100 to $200 an hour and eliminate poverty altogether. — Editor


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