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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Mar. 6, 2012 8 years ago

Stomping the Divots

by: Candice McElyea

Think back to 1990.

Microsoft released Windows 3.0, The Simpsons first aired on TV, Milli Vanilli's lip syncing was exposed, Vanilla Ice was so hot with the release of "Ice Ice Baby" and Pretty Woman was the most popular movie of the year.

It's what really put polo on the map as every woman in America wanted to quit her job and become a prostitute, only to find her prince charming and be able to dress up in that adorable sleeveless brown dress with white polka dots, the white gloves and white straw hat with the brown ribbon.

And we all wanted to stomp the divots at halftime!

Okay, now, back to reality.

In real life, most women don't wear that kind of outfit to polo (although you will see the occasional hat), but it is one of the best times you've probably never had on a Sunday afternoon, right here in Sarasota!

Since 1991, the Sarasota Polo Club at Lakewood Ranch has been providing exhilarating polo matches at one of the most beautiful settings in Sarasota, Florida.

Every Sunday afternoon during season, the public is invited to bring out their picnic baskets and enjoy the thrill of the “fastest game on four feet."

With pony and Clydesdale wagon rides, exciting action, tailgating, half-time entertainment, divot stomping and plenty of fresh air, Sunday polo is the perfect place for a family outing; dogs are even welcome on a leash.

I just went to polo for the first time this year (wearing jeans, by the way---no hat) and was reminded of how much fun it is! You are out in the fresh air with good friends, enjoying your favorite cocktails and snacks and taking in the amazing sport.Beware, though, that most people take their tailgating seriously, bringing out pop-up tents, tables and gourmet food.

Over the weekend our spread included champagne, shrimp cocktails, cheese and crackers, fresh grilled pork chops and vodka-soaked gummy bears. YUM!

Matches go through April 8 and every weekend has a theme. For more information, check out

Tickets are just $10 at the gate. Don't forget chairs, food and drinks! (Oh, and good divot-stomping shoes!)

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