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Arts and Entertainment Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012 9 years ago

A New Kind of Health Coach

by: Kimberly Braun

If we are aware, we will use caution.

If we are educated, we will make wise decisions.

If we learn prevention, we will live a long, healthy and productive life.


Carolyn Waygood surely lives her last name. She is all about helping people along the way of good. One role she takes is that of a coach. Coaches abound nowadays, helping us in all sorts of fun ways. Maybe it is insight on getting organized, or perhaps it is creating a large vision of our lives and a game plan for carrying it out … but have you ever heard of a coach that is for a specific part of your body? They exist as well.

Carolyn is a breast health coach; she is fired up to increase awareness, education and prevention of breast cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women today. She talks about details we may not know, such as the different types of estrogen and how they effect us. She reveals facts that are not common knowledge, like the effect of wearing bras for long periods of time.

Have you ever heard of using a thin, double-layered polyeurethane filled with a thin layer of lubricant to conduct your own breast check? It allows your fingers to be a magnifying glass. And with 1 out of 8 (close to 7) women being diagnosed yearly with breast cancer, and over 400,000 dying this year, who wouldn’t want to know more about easy options? Easy options are part of the reason that deaths through breast cancer have decreased since 1985. Turning to Carolyn is a great place to begin your own education.

What might really pique your interest is that there are facts and myths around breast cancer that are not readily shared with you. Yes, you are not completely "in the know." Carolyn’s talk at Celebrate Wellness Fest 2012 shares about 21 of these facts and myths. You can get the inside story with her. Check her out on her Celebrate Wellness Fest presenter page. Visit her website, and be sure to mark her presentation time on your calendar when you join us for our community -building health festival on March 10-11 at Phillippi Estate Park!

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- Data for this article sourced from and The Breast Site.

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