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Arts and Entertainment Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012 8 years ago

Never Thought About It---Blood, That Is...

by: Kimberly Braun

If you were to go on the American Red Cross website, you would find out that there are two reasons people have not become blood donors. Firstly, because they have never thought about it, and second, well---the fear of needles.

Isn’t it amazing how something so integral to our lives can go without any reflection? And not just in the case of being a donor. Who among us ever thinks about the coursing of blood within our veins during the day, or the heart that so faithfully and mysteriously pumps without pause? Unless we have a condition or experience pain, our thoughts more often remain rooted in the events outside ourselves.

In ages past, blood was a common part of the language and attitudes in the culture. It was seen as a deeply symbolic representation of life, and in some cases of spirit. While we still use phrases such as "recovering from a broken heart" or "working with all one's heart" (as though any of us could literally work without our hearts), we tend to compartmentalize our relationship to our blood by keeping it neatly within the medical realm.

Donating blood is an opportunity to think about it on many levels. First, we can think about the need there is for blood for our fellow humans. Every two seconds someone needs blood, and this translates to a need of 44,000 units daily. One pint can save three lives. What I find extremely compelling about the need for blood is that less than 38 percent are able to give blood out of all of us. This means if we are able, why aren’t we doing it?

There are more ways to allow the donating of blood to perk our thoughts; after all, most people will confess that their philanthropic choices in life help themselves as much as the beneficiary. Blood is a reminder of our connection to each other. On a cellular level it brings in the new/healthy and carries away the old/toxic. How efficient is that?! One stream accomplishes health in what may seem to be two different directions.

It reminds us then not only of our connection to each other, but also that the varying circumstances and flow of our lives can serve us, both in what seems positive and what seems negative. There is also the reminder when we get down to the bare essentials (blood is one of them), that life is pretty simple. It may be decorated with all sorts of bangles and bells, but the essence is deep, enduring, and straightforward. All of us wish for "life" in the fullest sense of the word.

So, what is your reason for not giving blood? Mine was the first one. Jayne Giroux speaks on behalf of the Suncoast Community Blood Bank in the video below, letting us know they cannot do it without us. In fact, if you go to the SCBB website you can see the level of need for each type, the places where the bloodmobile can be found or even see how to host a drive, just like Hotel Indigo (in the video) does with devotion and regularity. If you want to find out when the bloodmobile will be at Hotel Indigo or other ways they support the community you can call (941) 487-3800 or visit them at 1223 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, 34236.

In six weeks you can learn more or donate as the bloodmobile opens its doors during  the 2012 Celebrate Wellness Fest. This event will be a spectacular interactive experience at Phillippi Estate Park from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. on March 10 and 11. With all sorts of free health tests, mini-treatments, presentations by health experts, workshops, great food, local musicians (14 of them!) a kid’s zone and all-day drawings giving away lots of services, you can follow your visit to the bloodmobile with a day of fun.

This Empowerment Guru segment is brought to you by:

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*This Week In Sarasota, a proud sponsor of Celebrate Wellness Fest 2012

*Kimberly Braun, M.A. (that’s me), your hostess. As creator of Celebrate Wellness and professional meditation coach, your happiness, your health, your peace and your empowerment are my passion.

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