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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2014 4 years ago

LISTEN: Genre-blending with Andres Colin at Darwin's on 4th

by: Nick Friedman Managing Editor of Arts and Culture

For Andres Colin, blending influences comes naturally. The Mexican-born singer/songwriter began writing music as early as age 15, and he's always been drawn to a wide variety of genres. From bolero to American rock and pop to the croonings of the Rat Pack, Colin says his influences run the gamut, which manifests in his live performances.

Effortlessly switching between English and Spanish as he fuses myriad genres, Colin utilizes a loop pedal to build his songs from the ground up in front of his audience. He says he enjoys the creativity it affords him, and the only thing more rewarding than performing music is seeing its universal appeal.

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"Music is universal," he says. "Everyone likes music. People seek it out when they're driving, working or working out — music has always been there, throughout history. The rhythm is mathematics; the harmonies are mathematics. Just like there's physics in science and gravity, there's physics of harmonies. We're meant to enjoy music."


Watch as Colin performs a song and gives an interview live at Darwin's on 4th. 

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